What about Peter Steele’s Controversy? It’s likely that, like many other music lovers, you’ve never heard of Peter Steele.

A blood type was the name of the band he formed and the majority of his lyrics dealt with death and destruction.

In the gothic metal scene, he was best known for his work with Type O Negative, where he was the band’s lead singer, bassist, and composer.

While leading Type O Negative, Steele gained notoriety as a charismatic frontman with a dark sense of humor and a towering statue of 6 feet 8 inches.

When Steele emerged on the scene in the late 1980s, it was no surprise that he took the world by storm and helped lead Metal in a new direction.

To establish himself as both a bassist and vocalist in both acts, Steele used his lyrics to discuss issues such as racism, misogyny, and race and war in both acts.

Without Steele, there would be no Hatebreed, AFI, or My Chemical Romance. For style’s sake, Steele, 48, died suddenly of what appears to have been heart failure this week

Frontman and bassist Peter Steele’s career would take a turn for the worse after the band’s October Rust album cycle.