Cringe-worthy Hulu sitcom PEN15 debuted its first season in February of this year.

PEN15 Season 3: All Latest Update 2022

There’s even talk of the third season of this funny program, even though Season 2 has yet to be released. Here’s all we currently know about the film, from its release date and cast to its plot.

Regarding 13-year-old issues, PEN15 has done an excellent job of addressing many of the problems that many of us previously dealt with.

PEN15 Season 3 Plot

In the second part of season 2, Erskine and Konkle told Harper’s Bazaar that a new set of circumstances would be presented to the characters.

A third season after the show’s storyline concludes in 7th grade could see its focus change to the next grade level.

Although there is no official word on it, Pen15 season 3 is more likely to feature the cast and characters listed below.

PEN15 Season 3 Cast

The special animated episode, written by Konkle, will be available on Hulu on August 27

PEN15 Season 3 Release Date

PEN15 Season 3 Trailer

The PEN15 season 2 trailer may be found here. On November 3rd, 2021, Hulu released it. Below, you may watch it.