Natural, nutrient-dense components make up the bulk of this healthy snack.

Magic Dates Net Worth: : How Much  He Earned After Shark Tank?

Dates contain no sugar, stevia, or sugar alcohols of any kind. Plant-Based, Paleo, Dairy-Free, and Gluten-Free are a few reasons this product stands out.

Snack startup Magic Dates is situated in Los Angeles, California, the United States, and uses walnuts, coconut, and other natural ingredients to make its snack bars and other products.

Walnuts are healthy natural food with numerous medicinal benefits for the human body. These products claim to be based on the market value of this walnut being USD 6504 million.

Who Is The Founder Of Magic Dates?

Diana Jarrar is the Founder of Magic Dates, a line of bite-sized snacks. Jarrar and her family moved to Toronto, Canada, when she was 11.

Did Magic Dates Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Diana requested $100,000 from Shark for 10% of her company’s equity. With a $150,000 investment, Kevin owns 33.33% of the company.

What Is The Magic Dates Net Worth?

We estimate that Magic Dates net worth is $450,000. It began in 2016 and had been going strong in Los Angeles for a while.

The sum of cash Diana Jarrar has set aside for this startup might be used to estimate her net worth.

Magic Dates Net Worth 2022 $450K *Approx Diana Jarrar’s  Net Worth  $50,000 $100,000 *Approx