Beachbody introduced LIIFT4 a few years ago, a program that combines HIIT and weight lifting to burn fat and build lean, toned muscle.

Lifting (rather than HITT) is the primary focus of LIIFT5, although it still promises the same benefits as LIIFT4 in terms of weight loss and muscle tone.

This summer, Super Trainer Joel Freeman is coming back with the follow-up program you’ve been waiting for, called LIIFT MORE. He heard you loud and clear.

Still, this time the emphasis is placed on building even more muscle, lifting for even more days, and performing even more exercises to achieve even more outstanding results.

Those who are passionate about lifting will like this simple full-body workout regimen. LIFT MORE increases the intensity of strength training,

It consists of no-nonsense moves that are perfectly paced and combined with the ideal proportion of traditional resistance training

A lot of mileage may be challenging for most people because there are only five 35-45-minute sessions per week.

LIIFT MORE and Running Schedule

Even though leg workouts are separated into hamstring and calves days, I do not recommend skipping any workouts.