One of Canada’s largest logging companies has left fans of the reality TV series Big Timber wanting more.

The second season of the show, which debuted on the Canadian History Channel back in October 2021, was released earlier this month on Netflix.

There can be no doubt that this show is completely unscripted. However, there are a few Kevin Wennstob jokes in there.

Big Timber Season 3 has it all, from chopping timber to framing the wood. Much more cow herding and rodeo contest preparation are on the horizon

Big Timber Season 3 Plot

I expect Big Timber Season 3 to bear some resemblance to Big Timber Season 2 and Season 1. The show is based on a true story.

Canada’s British Columbia province is home to a majority of its residents who spend a great deal of time and energy working in the forestry industry.

On the Canadian History Channel, “Big Timber” season 2 debuted in October 2021. On July 13, 2022, though, Netflix made the same completely accessible.

On YouTube, the season 3 trailer is now available. Enjoy the trailer for the previous season down below.

Big Timber Season 3 Trailer