The 25th of March, 1988 finds Sean Anderson being brought into this world in Santa Monica, California.

Anderson attended Detroit Waldorf School. Rapping became something he became interested in throughout the later years of his high school career.

A little over a year ago, he started a romantic connection with Naya Rivera, an actress, and singer from the television

He entered a guilty plea for unlawful detention of the second degree in October of 2011. He was required to make a financial restitution payment of $750.

After hearing Kanye West was having a radio interview in 2005, he went to the station to freestyle. Kanye was thrilled when West finally listened.

Sean’s style attracted him to Adidas. Big Sean launched Aura Gold in 2013. Let’s scroll down and check out Big Sean’s Net Worth

What Are Big Sean’s net worth and salary? A famous rapper from the United States currently Big Sean’s net worth is estimated at $26 million.