Waffler69 Cause of Death: Suspicious Death At Age 33 Revealed

Waffler69 Cause of Death: After posting a video on TikTok in which she lip-synced to the phrase “I hate it when the voices in my head go silent,” the 36-year-old Candice Murley tragically passed away a few days later.

The family’s “hearts are torn apart,” Marsha McEvoy, Candice’s sister, wrote in a GoFundMe post requesting donations for the star’s funeral expenses.

“Candice was so full of life and always lived life her way,” Marsha recalled. Fans loved her because “she was entertainment at its best, with her dancing and cooking and let’s not forget her scatter singing with her mic.”

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Who Is Waffler69?

Waffler69, a well-known TikTok user who frequently uploaded videos in which he sampled unusual foods and drinks, has sadly passed away. He was 33. Clayton posted a TikTok to his account early on Thursday morning to break the news that Taylor had passed away shortly after being rushed to the hospital.

Clayton noted that this is still in its infancy, but that he has some idea of what lies ahead. He felt he should get on TikTok and tell everyone, he added. As a way to honor his memory, Clayton asked that his audience continue to consume the works he has already released.


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Clayton defended his sibling by saying he wanted to see his brother’s smile on the faces of others, so he urged everyone to keep him around.

Waffler69 Huge Instagram And TikTok Following

Taylor documented his adventurous eating of fried grasshoppers and canned beef tripe. As a result, he amassed 1.7 million TikTok followers in addition to new fans on Instagram and YouTube. He had been in the video production business for 16 years.

One of Taylor’s fans said that the musician has always been a pleasure to be around because he always seems to make people smile and laugh. @Waffler69 has amassed an impressive 1.7 million TikTok followers. He regularly uploaded clips of himself eating unusual foods.

Waffler69 Cause Of Death

The Louisiana internet sensation whose real name was Taylor died of a “presumed heart attack” on Wednesday night, his brother Clayton said. Before he passed away, he posted a video of himself dunking a massive Froot Loop into a glass of milk. His admirers expressed their appreciation for him in the video comments of his most recent uploads.

How Did Waffler69 Die?
How Did Waffler69 Die?

Waffler69 Died In a Hospital

Clayton told TMZ that Taylor had been in pain and had called his mother before he had to call an ambulance to take him from his Louisiana home to the hospital. The hospital, unfortunately, proved fatal for Taylor.

Taylor, who is well-known for his love of exotic cuisine, has tried everything from giant fruit loops to octopus spaghetti. To help defray the expenses associated with his brother’s funeral, Clayton has also set up a fundraising page.

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