Vivian Howard Divorce: Is She Really Split To Ben Knight?

American-born chef Vivian Howard was born on March 8, 1978. Chef and co-owner of the acclaimed North Carolina restaurant Chef & the Farmer, whose story will be told in the Emmy-winning PBS series A Chef’s Life.

At 14, Howard enrolled at Salem Academy, a Moravian all-girls residential school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After that, she attended Virginia Episcopal School for two years. She attended North Carolina State University, majoring in English, and graduated in 2001.

She participated in a program at NC State University that sent her to Argentina for a semester to hone her culinary skills. Howard graduated and immediately began working in advertising for Grey Worldwide in New York City.

She worked there for 18 months before becoming a waitress at Voyage. Scott Barton, the head chef at the restaurant, served as her first official role model in the culinary world.

A graduate of New York’s Institute of Culinary Education, Howard began his career in the culinary arts in 2004. She honed her skills as a Chef de Partie at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market and as an intern at Wylie Dufresne’s wd50.

Who Is the Husband of Vivian Howard?

After dating for a while, Vivian Howard finally tied the knot with Ben Knight. Ben and Vivian became close while working together at the restaurant Voyage. They were staff members of the business. As it turned out, they both had a passion for food, which drew them together.

They started walking down the center aisle very immediately. Theo and Flo, their twins, were born soon after. In what Vivian calls the “middle of nothing” and close to Kinston, the four make their home in Deep Run, North Carolina.

Her partner has access to a painting studio at home, and the couple lives in a large, modern farmhouse where they keep dogs and chickens. The Ben and Vivian show was top-rated on television. The success of their restaurants increased. They encourage and help one another with their business ventures.

Vivian Howard Weight Loss

Vivian Howard, the chef, keeps her weight in check by always following the same regimen. She has made great strides since her undergraduate days when her weight was always up and down. She realized that sustaining dietary habits can bring substantial improvements to her body.

Vivian Howard chose to step up her exercise routine after the 2016 publication of her cookbook. Regularly, she gets up at 6:45 in the morning and downs three glasses of cold water before beginning her day. She’s been doing this regularly for years. She also thinks eating many fruits and veggies daily is essential.

Her father is the source of inspiration for this, as he employs it to control his pre-diabetes. Vivian also ensures her family has a healthy diet. She cut out starchy foods and heavy sauces in favor of protein and fiber, which she learned to make taste great.

Is Vivan Howard Getting A Divorce From Ben Knight?

After Vivian’s divorce, she published an article about it in Garden and Gun. She continued, “I’m getting a divorce, in case you didn’t know, and here’s an article called “Love Languages, Decoded. Additionally, I haven’t been working alone because of how things are set up.

Is Vivan Howard Getting A Divorce From Ben?
Is Vivan Howard Getting A Divorce From Ben?

Instead, Ben and I have enlisted the help of a big team of therapists, lawyers, family members, and friends to see us through the painful process of ending our relationship. Someone on my side advised me early on to learn my partner’s “love language.” I had heard of this “love language” stuff before, but I was skeptical because I knew it originated in a self-help book written in the 1990s.

To me, platitudes have never qualified as nonfiction. It may appear like Ben and Vivian are splitting up based on this post and what she said to Garden and Gun, but if I decide to attempt dating again, I’ll take the counsel of my gaggle and do my homework.

In the post’s comments section, many have expressed their sympathies for the Chef’s family. A commenter said, “Divorce is challenging whether you want it. Avoid involving the youngsters; this is between you and Ben.

It stinks no matter what you do, but you’ll come out on the other side stronger. The community is sending you positive vibes and supporting you in any way they can as you go through this difficult time. Wishing you and your loved ones love and serenity.

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