Virgin River Season 4: Release Date Status Rumors, Cast, Plot and Trailer

The Virgin River series is one of the finest works of Netflix, and with 3 successful seasons under its belt, the writers are willing to continue with the story. This brings us to the most searched question on the web: Has Netflix greenlit Virgin River Season 4? Even though Netflix hasn’t announced the show’s renewal, we are quite confident that the 4th season will be released because of the promising comments made by the showrunners in several interviews. Let’s break it down for you!

Not just this, but there in the past few days, we have heard the news about the production of Virgin River Season 4. Reportedly, the filming for the upcoming season began in August. And if this news is true, then we might get to see our favorite cast back very soon!

Virgin River Season 3 gave us many jumpscares; an unexpected death, a hidden pregnancy, and much more! So, is there anything else left for the 4th season to revolve around? Yes, most definitely! Because Virgin River is based on novels of the same name, there is plenty of content for screenwriters to write the script. And who knows, we might even get to Lizzie and Ricky getting back together!

“I do hope they get back together, but on mutual terms where she has forgiven him, and he has learned his lesson — not out of shame or guilt, but out of a genuine understanding of her feelings,” Grayson said. Below you’ll read more about this possible subplot. So, let’s begin!

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date

We don’t have a specific release date for Virgin River Season 4, but it will not be released in 2021! As the 3rd season just went on air in July, we still have to wait for the renewal news. Which might come in the TUDUM event of September! 

And if the rumors about Virgin River Season 4 production were true, then you can expect the 4th iteration to release somewhere in 2022. But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves because we are still not past the most crucial phase, which is Netflix confirming the 4th season.

Virgin River Season 4


If Virgin River Season 4 is to come, then most of our main cast will return to it. The potential characters of the upcoming season include:

  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe
  • Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan
  • Colin Lawrence as Preacher
  • Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts
  • Tim Matheson as Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady
  • Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky
  • Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie

Sadly, as Lilly dies in the third season, we won’t be seeing Lynda Boyd in the 4th season. Unless she returns in the flashback scenes. “When I did have that chat that day with those producers, they said that the plan was to bring me back in flashbacks – like Mel’s husband, her dead husband.”

But what about the supporting characters? Well, there are no updates on their appearance in the upcoming season. However, as Annette O’Toole’s character “Hope” didn’t get enough screen time in the 3rd installment, we are skeptical about her return to the show! 

Moreover, all the aforementioned cast members have not been shortlisted yet. These were just our assumptions based on the third season’s storyline but the main factor determining the cast of Virgin River Season 4 is under the control of writers. So, we’ll have to remain patient to find out about the new or recurring characters of the upcoming season.

Virgin River Season 4 Plot 

The third season was not a great one for Mel and Jack. And the cliffhanger of the finale was also related to them. So, the upcoming season will definitely revolve around the couple. Will Jack be able to cope up with the news of Mel being pregnant? Or will the couple choose different paths for themselves?

And there are multiple subplots, but as there is no plot synopsis for Virgin River Season 4, we can’t pinpoint which ones the writers will include in the upcoming seasons. The preacher will try to solve Christopher’s kidnapping, Dan might successfully prove his innocence to the authorities, and Rickie might end things with Lizzie. So, there is going to be a lot of drama in the 4th installment!

And if you’re expecting Hope to return in the upcoming season, then we have got some bad news for you! 

“To us, it’s the recovery and what she’s dealing with – a traumatic brain injury. In a hospital and going through recovery, that’s not really where our show lives. But we’re very committed to what the truth of something is, so we’ll go to the edge of what’s the best recovery for this.”

“We always stick with the parameters, medically, but also we know at this point what we like to do, which are complicated drama-based stories emotionally.”

Virgin River Season 4 Trailer 

As the 4th season hasn’t been greenlit yet, there is no official trailer for it either. However, in the meantime, you can watch the BTS footage of the 3rd season available on YouTube!

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