Violet Flowergarden Death: When Did Youtuber Creator Pass Away?

Violet Flowergarden, a YouTuber best known for her gaming videos set in the Star Stable universe, has died. She was relatively young, barely 23. Violet’s family reported that she died suddenly on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. The official reason for Violet Flowergarden Death death is still unknown.

The gamer channel’s star, whose real name was Sophia Maureen Dinverno, amassed a massive following on YouTube. Her many admirers are heartbroken over her untimely passing. Keep reading to learn about her accomplishments and background.

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Who Was Violet Flowergarden?

Sophia Maureen Dinverno, better known by her stage name Violet Flowergarden, started making movies for the website when she was just 13 years old. She gained a large following because of her helpful videos for the wildly popular online game Star Stable. When Vincent turned 18, she sought to capitalize on her growing fan base by releasing a collection of video game–inspired clothing.

At 21, she had accumulated 8 million YouTube subscribers and millions more followers across other social media platforms, a feat she had accomplished in just three years. Looking back now, we can see that Violet has accomplished a lot in her ten years as a YouTuber, which will be in February 2023.

In 2017, Violet began uploading vlogs on cosmetic techniques, lifestyle tips, and content pertaining to Star Stable. The videos did well because her friendly demeanor and genuine approach resonated with the target audience. Violet kept up her worldwide channel, where she shared her interests with viewers while attending college full-time for the next few years.

What Caused Violet Flowergarden’s Demise? When Did She Pass Away?

An obituary for Sophia Maureen Dinverno, 23, has been released by her family. It reads, “Dinverno, of Grass Lake, went away suddenly on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Micah Dinverno, her only sibling, passed away first. She leaves behind her parents Joel and Deanna, sister Lydia, and brothers Josiah, Noah, Isaiah, and Elijah.

As a member of the Jackson Dance Company, Sophia always put on a show during annual recitals and competitions. She rode her horse Lola, called “Better Than Boys,” in several equestrian competitions across Michigan.

The family said that while Violet wasn’t at the stable, she was “riding imaginary horses in the online game Star Stable,” which she did to make videos for her popular YouTube channel, Violet Flowergarden. On Saturday, January 28, 2023, at 2:00 PM, Desnoyer Funeral Home in Jackson, Michigan, will host a memorial service in her honor.

Violet Flowergarden Cause of Death
Violet Flowergarden Cause of Death

The YouTube Channel Flowergarden Has 172k Subscribers

In 2013, Dinverno launched a channel on YouTube where she posted many movies that featured alterations to footage from the web-based equestrian game Star Stable. Her videos on the game’s mechanics began to gather traction, and she made more of them. Over 48 million people have seen her training videos.

As of her passing, she had over 172,000 people subscribed to her channel. With over 56,000 people following her on Instagram, she also had a sizable online fan base. In February of 2023, she’ll have been uploading videos to YouTube for a decade.


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Fans Mourn Flowergarden’s Death

The awful news spread quickly, and Violet fans immediately began posting condolence messages. Sad news: I just learned that Violet Flowergarden has died. I’m sobbing and can’t believe it. Many people in the SSO community looked up to her as a beacon of hope. Beautiful one, sleep in peace.

A fan remarked, “I hope you’re racing over the fields with Lola and pumpkin.” Another user of Twitter said, “as an equestrian, like many others, I grew up playing and watching star stable online. I used to follow the YouTuber known as violet flowergarden obsessively. I’m devastated by the news of her death, which I received today until we meet again, Pinky.

We must ask, “Why do we have to lose so many extraordinary people? Recently, I learned that Violet Flowergarden had gone away; her films were staples in my childhood, and I occasionally revisit them now.

And now my fave so YouTuber is gone, too. Honestly, my best wishes go out to her and her loved ones. Another legend, rest in peace,” read the message of another. Our deepest sympathies go out to Violet Flowergarden’s loved ones. There will be more information forthcoming, so please do not go away.

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