Vincenzo Season 2, Trailer, Cast, Storyline, Everything We Know

Vincenzo, a South Korean dark comedy and romance web series. Park Jae-Bum Wrote the series. It consists of twenty episodes that were aired Saturday and Sunday in a week at 21:00 on TvN from February 20, 2021, to May 2, 2021, worldwide. Lateran on Netflix which crossed a million viewers across the world. Apart from this, it has been nominated for several awards.

The comedy series was very renowned among audiences globally on Netflix. Since the beginning, it has maintained its position in the top 10 television shows on Netflix in the world and got the fourth rank on the Forbes list for the most viewed Korean series on Netflix in 2021.

In addition, it also made the record the sixth highest most popular drama series on TvN and the ninth most prevalent drama on  Korean cable TV. 

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Season 2 of Vincenzo

Vincenzo was a Korean web series. Comedy, criminality, and romance are all represented on the show. Park Jae-bum and Kim He-won wrote and directed the web series respectively. Vincenzo’s is one of the most-watched television shows in the world due to its thumping story and demonstration. 

At the end of the season first, Vincenzo heads to a small island near Malta to exact retaliation against the leader of Babel Group chairman, Jang Jun-woo. However, he is still short of gold, now the question arises of that will he come back to Korea in the search of Gold.

So, ending with an episode of a serial drama that leaves the audience in suspense. It means the next season may be released in the future.

Vincenzo Season 2 Synopsis

When Park Joo-Hyung was eight years old, an Italian family adopted him. Later, he unites with the mafia, and Don Fabio adopts him. Fabio is the head of the Cassano Family. After that Park becomes a lawyer and right-hand man of Don Fabio. Paolo, is Fabio’s biological son. He tries to kill Vincenzo after dying Don Fabio and becomes the new leader. 

Then he tries to escape to Seol and set out to recover tons of gold. Earlier he helped a diseased Chinese powerful person to secretly hide in the basement of Geumga Plaza. Although, another assistive Babel group took building ownership illegally. And Vicenzo has to use his ability to obtain his destiny. At first, he comes into contact with Hong Cha-young, she is the daughter of Hon Yoo-Chan. She is a lawyer for a rival firm, but after her father’s death, she does he practice and unites forces with Vincenzo and other occupiers to battle with the Bable group.

Vincenzo Season 2 Cast, Characters, And Real Names

The following is a full list of Character names and real names with roles of the performer. 

Character Name Real Name  Role
Park Joo-hyun/ Vincenzo Cassano Joong-ki-Song Main Character, Italian Lawyer
Cha-young hong Yeo-been Jeon Lawyer
Jang Han-seok/ Jun-woo Taec-Yeon Ok Law intern
Myung-hee Choi Yeo-Ji Kim Family prosecutor
Han-Seo Jang Dong-Yeon Kwak Babel Group Chairman
Seung-hyuk han Han-Chul Jo CEO Wudang Law Firm
Yoo-chan Hong  Yoo Jae-Myung CEO Jiouragi Law Firm
Joo-sung Nam  Byung-hee Yoon Paralegal
Young-Woon Cho Young-Joon Choi Manager Geumga Plaza
Hong-Shik Tak Deok-Moon Choi Owner of the laundromat
Toto Hyung-mook Kim Restaurant owner
Kang Larry  Seol-jin Kim Dance studio owner
Chul-Wook Lee Kyung-won Yang Pawnshop
Yeon-jin Jang Ye-Hwa Seo Lee Chul-Wook’s wife
Chaeshin Seung-woo Kwon Monk
Seok-do Park Young-Woong Kim CEO Ant
Soo-Nam Jeon Dal Lee Gangster
Joo-Eun Yang Ji-Yoon Jung Accountant
Gi-Seok Ahn Chul-soo Im Italian spy
Jin-Tae Hwang  Jin-won Seo Babel Group employee
Woon-ho-Seo Tae-Kwang Hwang District Prosecutor’s Office employee
Ink-kook Jung Sang-ho Go Prosecutor
Cassano Paolo Alfano Salvatore Vincenzo’s adoptive brother
Luca  Conquer Luca Vincenzo’s personal driver and assistant
Hyuk-Pil Pyo Tae-hoon Kim Vincenzo’s enforcer
Seon-ho Lee Wook-Ji Jung Whistleblower
Hyeong-Ja Oh Bok-in Yoon Vincenzo’s birth mother
Vicenzo Season 2 Cast
Vicenzo Season 2 Cast

When Will There Be a Second Season of Vincenzo?

The first season of the Vincenzo series premiered on February 20, 2021, and the last episode ended up on May 2, 2021. Vincenzo series consists of 20 episodes and each episode with a length of 60 minutes duration. TvN broadcast the full series, now running on Netflix. We have yet to get the information about the renewal of next season. 

We can not say anything that whether next season is under production or canceled. Despite the huge success of the show, it is unlikely to be a second season of Vincenzo. So, it is impossible to say that show would be renewed in the future. If any updated information comes for the renewal of the series. Then we will post immediately.

Vincenzo Season 2 Storylines

The Vincenzo series revolves around Hyung, an adopted child of an Italian family, which was performed by Park Ji-hoon, in a young age he converted his name to Vincenzo Cassano and connect with a mafia gang. After that started working as a lawyer for the organization. For some reason, he came back to South Korea. Where he had a meeting with Hong Cha-Young and was inclined towards her.

After getting retaliation from the Babel Group he had to flee to Malta. Before going there he handed over the gold to Hong Cha-Young. Now, this is the suspense that will he get gold and love. 

Vincenzo Season 2 Official Trailer

There is no official word about the Vincenzo Season 2 trailer, actually no further plan to make a new season. A previous season is already running on Netflix, if people are interested to watch they can watch the earlier season trailer online.

Vincenzo Season 2 Series Critics’ Views

It has become one of the most popular shows of the year 2021 based on online popularity alone, which indicates very high. Apart from this, many seasons have developed in recent years for Netflix.


Vincenzo’s first season gained a 7.7 percent rating which was aggregate country-wise. It has become the fourth highest-rated tvN drama series in Korean cable TV history and is well as noted the sixth highest-rated drama of the TvN.

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