Twitch Clip Downloader: The Easiest Way to Download Twitch Clips

Twitch has become one of the widely used applications by today’s internet-using population. It is a live video streaming website that offers users to broadcast their streams while playing games on most consoles. The popularity of Twitch induced E-Commerce giant Amazon to purchase it in 2014 for a reported $970 million. After the deal, it also became popular because of its worldwide extension, which is known as Twitch Clip Downloader.

How to Use Twitch Clip Downloader?

People just need to install a Google Chrome extension named “Twitch Clip Downloader” in their browser. This extension allows them to download their favourite clips directly from Twitch with just a single click of their mouse.

This extension is the quintessential example for a majority of Twitch users who complain about not being able to view their favourite clips on the website after the clips have expired.

However, it enables such users to download clips onto their devices and watch them as per their convenience. Moreover, it provides numerous features to make a user’s Twitch streaming experience a memorable one.

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Steps to Use Your Favorite Videos

  • Install the Twitch Clip Downloader Chrome Extension in your device and enable it in the settings menu of the web browser.
  • You should see the extension running in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Open the Twitch website, and you will see a Download Clip button beside your Twitch streamer’s clips.
  • Click on the Download Clip button, and your clip will start downloading on your device.
Twitch Clip Downloader

Benefits of using Twitch Clip Downloader

  • The downloader allows users to download their favourite clips to watch as per their convenience at any possible time.
  • It does not need any special configuration to be used by the person who wants to download their favourite clips.
  • It is a lightweight Google Chrome extension which does not slow down the internet usage of the user.
  • The extension is lightweight in size and will not affect the storage capacity of the user’s device.
  • The Downloader receives timely updates by its developers, allowing the user to adjust to the Twitch platform’s updates.
  • It can download Twitch clips in a custom order, which could be set according to the user’s preferences.
  • A user can set the title of his downloaded Twitch Clip according to his preference. 
  • This downloader offers the user a wide choice of downloading Twitch clips in their preferred video format. A wide variety of video formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. are supported by the Twitch Clip Downloader.
  • A user can easily manage his downloaded clips through the extension’s services.
  • It provides users with the option of seamlessly uploading their downloaded Twitch clips.

Why Do People prefer using Twitch Clip Downloader?

  • The Twitch Clip Downloader is available for free. Moreover, no additional cost is essential for using the extension to download clips.
  • According to existing Twitch guidelines, people cannot view their favourite streamer’s clips by saving them onto their devices. Twitch Clip Downloader helps overcome this problem by providing users with the facility to save Twitch clips offline.
  • People find Twitch Clip Download extremely useful to use thanks to its easy to understand interface. Even new Twitch users find the user interface of the extension uncomplicated.
  • People can use their clips, which they have downloaded using the Twitch Clip Downloader extension for further purposes. Such as using them in their YouTube videos or compilations.
  • The use of this type of Clip Downloader allows people not to miss out on their favourite streams. Because it enables them to download those videos for future viewing purposes. 
  • People can use downloaded Twitch clips for learning purposes. Such as knowing more about how to play the game played by their favourite streamers on Twitch.
  • Twitch users don’t have to watch ads while viewing clips downloaded through the Twitch Clip Downloader. They can skip ads whenever they want during the clip’s duration.
  • By using Twitch Clip Downloader, a regular Twitch user can download multiple Twitch clips at once without having to miss out on other of their favourite streams on the platform.


As discussed above, Twitch is a widely used streaming platform that is loved by many people around the world. However, it does not offer its users the option to download their favourite Twitch clips. The use of Twitch Downloader helps overcome this problem by providing Twitch users with an easy way to save Twitch clips offline on their devices.

Free of cost, lightweight, and easy to use approach has made Twitch Clip Downloader for a majority of people one of the most preferred tools to improve their Twitch streaming experience. Offering a wide variety of benefits to its user, the Twitch Clip Downloader has secured its place as one of the most accessible as well as useful extensions for a Twitch user.

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