Trinkets Season 3: Release Date We Need to Know All Updates!

When Trinkets, a Netflix original film based on the Kirsten Smith novel, arrived in 2019, it won audiences’ hearts. The story focuses on three unexpected acquaintances who become close during their Portland Shoplifters Anonymous meetings.

Fans are eagerly awaiting word about a prospective Trinkets Season 3 due to the popularity of the show’s first two seasons. In this piece, we’ll examine the show’s history, speculate about the likelihood of a third season, and explore the unresolved storylines that could be resolved if the show makes a comeback.

When will Trinkets Season 3 Arrive? Let’s check below.


The 2nd Season of Trinkets Comes to a Satisfying End.

Trinkets Season 3: Release Date We Need to Know All Updates!

The first season of Trinkets received favourable reviews and viewers who hadn’t read the book connected with the show’s original premise. Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha made a strong team; all three were professional and personal development. Netflix decided to schedule a second season after Season 1’s cliffhanger left many things unanswered. To everyone’s surprise, Season 2 was revealed to be the show’s final season. While sad for viewers, the extra ten episodes let the authors wrap things up and offer a satisfying finale.

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Season 3 of The Road to Trinkets, if it Happens:

The central characters’ stories in Trinkets Season 2 were concluded as they overcame obstacles in their personal lives and made amends for previous errors. While Moe started to restore her life, Tabitha and Elodie were able to kick their habit of theft. Additionally, the trio faced their sins and revealed the truth about numerous people. A third season is not currently in the works for Netflix, but it’s crucial to remember that things may change.

Thinking About the Timeline

If Trinkets Season 3 materializes, viewers might have to be patient. The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted global film and television production. The release of a prospective Season 3 could be delayed by at least a few years due to this production slowdown. Additionally, before approving new ideas, Netflix might prioritize already confirmed projects.

Plot Questions and Potential Storylines

Even though Trinkets Season 2 ended satisfactorily, there are a few unresolved storylines that a hypothetical Season 3 may investigate. For instance, Elodie’s step-brother Spencer’s propensity for shoplifting was briefly mentioned in Season 1, but no further developments were depicted. Making sure Spencer doesn’t go down Elodie’s hard road could be a significant focus of the third season.

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Additionally, viewers are left with questions about Ben’s plans for culinary school and a potential romance with Tabitha. Other possible plotlines worth investigating include Elodie’s budding music career and the unresolved nature of Moe and Noah’s relationship. Finally, viewers are eager to see the results of the girls’ grand plan and what will happen to Brady, the abusive character from the show.


Trinkets is a gripping series that skillfully combines friendship, personal development, and adolescent struggles. There is still hope for Trinkets Season 3, even though Netflix hasn’t disclosed its plans. Fans should prepare for a protracted wait if the third season is announced owing to pandemic-related production setbacks. While hoping for more Trinkets in the future, viewers can savour Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha’s extraordinary trip.


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