Tony Kanaan Children: Ex-wives and All Children Details?

Lauren Bohlander, Tony Kanaan’s wife, has previously worked as a sideline reporter for NBC and Fox Sports. Their initial encounter on a racetrack resulted in them forming a loving family of five. Lauren Bohalnder had a reputation as a prominent host before she met the Brazilian driver. They began dating in 2011, married in 2013, and now have three children. Before meeting Lauren, the seasoned driver was married.

Leo, a son from his first marriage, is even a shared child with Daniele-Muniz-Loiola. The reigning IndyCar champion Tony Kanaan has been contemplating retirement for the past three years. He began dropping hints in 2020 but has since kept competing in the Indy Car Series. Tony Kanaan finished the Indy 500 final practice session with the fastest timing, but Josef Newgarden, a fellow challenger, lagged far behind. On Sunday, the 48-year-old will try to win his second Indy 500 this year.

Tony Kanaan Children: Ex-wives and All Children Details?

Tony Kanaan Wife, Lauren Bohlander

Lauren Bohlander, Tony Kanaan’s wife, is a DePauw University alumna. Lauren started her career in television stations at DePauw as well. Tony Kanaan’s second wife, Lauren Bohlander, was born on November 1, 1990. She has previously worked for FOX Sports, NBC, and Big Ten. In 2008, she contributed to the NCAA Men’s and Women’s College Basketball as a sideline reporter, one of her first notable jobs.

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Lauren relocated later that year to work in the NASCAR industry. She served as the host of the program Up To Speed and a Verizon IndyCar Series trackside personality. Lauren began working for Piranha Productions and the Verizon IndyCar Series in 2011. Additionally, there are rumours that Tony and Lauren initially met in 2011.

Lauren was a pit reporter for NBC’s Lucas Oil Pro Motorcross Championship in 2012. And after a year, the brunette covered Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report for Fox Sports. 2014 saw Lauren create one of her most illustrious pieces with Garage Squad. She co-hosted the program, which had nine episodes. Additionally, Lauren has played minor roles in a few movies and documentaries.

Tony Kanaan And Wife, Lauren Bohlander, Share Three Kids

On March 8, 2013, Tony and Lauren exchanged vows after a couple of years of dating. Since then, the couple has welcomed three adorable children into the world. Tony Kanaan was previously wed to Daniele-Muniz-Loiola before he wed Lauren. Leo is the name of the racer and Danielle’s son.

Leo Kanaan is Tony’s first child.

Leo Kanaan, born September 18, 2007, is Tony and Daniele’s first child. Tony Kanaan’s eldest child is frequently visible on Lauren’s and the racer’s Instagram accounts. Tony has made his son feel a part of his new family while starting a new one with Lauren. The driver posted an old photo of himself and Leo attending the Indianapolis Motor Speedway awards ceremony last year.

Leo received his infant BorgWarner trophy, and the father-son team each received one. Tony also mentioned in an Instagram post that his son would be interested in following in his footsteps and becoming a race driver. Tony accompanied a photo of Leo and his friend, saying, “I’m happy with the progress Leo is making in his kart racing.”

Deco is Tony and Lauren’s first child.

Lauren gave birth to Deco Kanaan, her and Tony’s first child, on January 10, 2015. Tony told a little tale about Deco’s birth to celebrate his 7th birthday the previous year. The Brazilian was getting ready to race in Daytona when he learned Lauren had given birth.

After that, the driver hurried to the hospital and met his kid there just in time. He quickly returned to the tournament and took first place. Deco shares a passion for soccer with his younger brother and has excelled in several events.

Max is Tony and Lauren’s middle child.

Max, born on October 27, 2016, is Tony and Lauren’s middle child. Max competes in soccer matches alongside his brother Deco, and Lauren even posted pictures of the pair accepting medals on one occasion. Max and his eldest brother Leo have a close relationship as well. Tony once captured the three brothers having a good time in Leo’s gaming stream.

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Nina Is The Only Daughter Of Tony Kanaan

Nina Kanaan, born on August 31, 2018, is the only child of the Brazilian racer and his wife, Lauren. There is little doubt that Nina is Daddy’s favourite child and the centre of attention in the Kanaan household. 2019 saw Tony post a picture of Nina taking her first steps. Since then, the young princess has been spotted going to racing events with her siblings and her mother, Lauren, who supports her father.

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