Tony Bobulinski Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Tony Bobulinski Net Worth: American businessman and current CEO of Sinohawk Holdings Tony Bobulinski used to do business with President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. After serving in the US Navy, Tony dove headfirst into the business world.

He started off as an investor and eventually rose to become the head of Sinohawk Holdings, a conglomerate he had invested in. Following the revelation that members of the Biden family had done business with Ukrainian and Chinese companies, Tony rose to prominence.

Headlines were made when he accused Joe Biden Jr. and his brother of bilking him out of millions of dollars during a business deal with a Chinese firm. And he went on to call the corporate deals a “political investment.”

However, Joe Biden’s tax returns and other financial records do not reflect any income from the business, thus Tony’s claims cannot be verified. In the middle of the 2010s, Hunter Biden conducted a series of commercial dealings with Chinese firms, but no evidence has surfaced linking Joe Biden to these deals.

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Tony Bobulinski Early Life

Tony Bobulinski, the current CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, is an American businessman who has worked with Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son. After serving in the Navy, Tony immediately dived into the business sector.

He entered the business world as a financier and progressed through the ranks to become CEO of the conglomerate in which he had initially invested, Sinohawk Holdings. Tony came to attention after the Biden family’s ties to Ukrainian and Chinese businesses were exposed.

To the media’s attention, he claimed that Joe Biden Jr. and his brother had scammed him out of millions of dollars during their business collaboration with a Chinese conglomerate. He went on to say that their business dealings amounted to “political investment.”

Nonetheless, Tony’s allegations cannot be confirmed because Joe Biden’s tax returns and other financial documents do not reveal any signs of profit from the business. It has not been shown that Joe Biden was involved in any of Hunter Biden’s business activities with Chinese enterprises in the middle of the 2010s.

Discovered in 1980 American-born Tony Bobulinski hails from Pennsylvania. His grandfather served in the army intelligence for 37 years, and both of his parents served in the military. In addition to Tony, Tony’s older brother is a Marine Flight Officer as well.

He was a student and football player at Kempsville High School back in 1990. He excelled as a Penn State wrestler from 1990 to 1995. Tony was honoured for his scholastic achievements in 1994.

Tony Bobulinski Family

Tony was reared by his American parents in the country of his birth. Bobulinski told the New York Post in an interview that he was the grandson of a 37-year Army Intelligence officer, the son of a 20-year Navy officer, and the brother of a 28-year Marine Flight Officer. He also shared that he spent four years serving in the US Navy.

Tony Bobulinski Relationship

Since Tony would rather not discuss his marriage publicly, few details about his new wife have surfaced. His personal life, including whether or if he is married, in a relationship, or has kids, is completely hidden from the public eye. However, if more data becomes available, we will update this accordingly.


Before entering the world of finance, Tony served as a lieutenant in the Navy. Tony’s time in Rhode Island’s Officer Training Command lasted from October 1995 through May 1998. In 1998 and 1999, Tony Bobulinski was an instructor and Chief Technology Officer at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Charleston, South Carolina.

Till 2006 he served in the Navy’s reserve forces. Tony served honourably in the Navy and then retired to pursue a career in business. He then started buying stock in all of the major firms.

In 2017, Hunter Biden discussed establishing a new company with CEFC China Energy Co. to invest in U.S. real estate and technology with Tony’s dad. It was former Clinton administration employee Rob Walker, who introduced Tony to the Bidens. James Gilliar is an English businessman.

Tony is now a partner and the chief executive officer of SinoHawk Holdings LLC.  The business officially started as a Delaware corporation in May of 2017. Former business associate of Hunter Biden and eldest son of US President Joe Biden.

Interview With Tony Bobulinski

Tony told Carlson that Sinohawk Holdings was a Delaware shell corporation set up in 2017 to foster commercial ties between CEFC chairman and CEO Mr. Ye Jianming and the Biden family. This was discussed during an interview with Carlson on October 23, 2020.

Tony also brought up the fact that the Hunter Biden laptop issue has been “totally blacked up” before the 2020 election. He said in a statement that the “huge person” was meant to be a reference to Biden and that the “email is authentic.”

To prove that the Democratic presidential nominee was involved in a 2017 agreement with a Chinese corporation, Tony released emails, texts, and audio recordings that he claims prove his case. He noted that the Justice Department’s probe of the Bidens’ overseas business connections was only made public after the election.

Joe Biden’s team has disputed that their candidate was involved in or stood to benefit from the or any other international business relationships, and no major news sites have found any misbehavior or role played by Biden. Both the Times and Vox report that Joe Biden has failed to disclose any money from this project in his financial disclosures or tax returns.

Interview With Tony Bobulinski
Interview With Tony Bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski Net Worth

U.S. businessman Tony Bobulinski is Hunter Biden’s associate. Tony Bobulinski is expected to have a net worth of $7 million by 2022. American entrepreneur Hunter Biden is the son of former Vice President Joe Biden. Learn more about Tony Bobulinski’s finances, successes, and career.

Tony Bobulinski’s Salary, Earnings, Income

Tony Bobulinski makes roughly $80,000 every month. Tony Bobulinski makes an average of $960,000 each year. Tony Bobulinski got his start in the business after serving in the U.S. Navy. He decided to pursue a career in investment, and he eventually amassed a considerable fortune through stock purchases in major corporations across the world.

For the purpose of facilitating a business collaboration between the Biden family and Mr. Ye Jianming, CEO of CEFC China Energy Co., he also took over as CEO of a shell firm called Sinohawk Holdings.

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