Tommy Lee Wife: Who Is Brittany Furlan?

Tommy Lee, an American musician and a founding member of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, is married to the singer and songwriter Brittany Jayne Furlan. In 2019, they finally said “I do,” and have been together ever since.

If you want to know more about Tommy’s wife Brittany and what she does for a living, as well as her personal life, keep reading!

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What Does Furlan Do For A Living?

Known for her comedic roles and online fame, Brittany Furlan is also an actor. The daughter of Italian immigrants, she entered the world on September 5, 1986, in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, USA.

Before the month of November 2015, the 35-year-old had more followers than any other female Viner. We’ll explain that Vine was a video-sharing website that helped launch the careers of numerous Hollywood actors and actresses for those of you who don’t know.

The same year, Brittany was recognized as a major figure in the online community by Time. After releasing her comedic skits and prank movies, she quickly gained popularity on the video-sharing website.

Furlan has previously attempted to enter the entertainment sector before finding fame on Vine. As of now, she has appeared in a handful of films, including We Are Your Friends, Wrestling Ain’t Wrestling, The Unicorn, The Dirt, Spy Intervention, Paradise City, and Good Mourning.

Tommy Lee Wife, Personal Life

Until 2015, Brittany had the most followers of any woman on Vine, the video-sharing site responsible for the rise to fame of many Internet personalities. Brittany was named by Time as one of the year’s most influential internet celebrities.

The platform helped the 35-year-old actress and comedian achieve notoriety for her comedic skits and prank films. Before she became one of the most popular creators on Vine, Brittany had aspirations of breaking into the film industry.

These days, she has 1.8 million TikTok followers and often posts similar content there. She is followed by almost two and a half million people on Instagram. In 2017, Tommy and Brittany began dating after meeting on the celebrity dating app Raya.

In 2018, on Valentine’s Day, the drummer proposed to the bassist; the following year, they made their marriage announcement. Brittany previously discussed her boyfriend Tommy and their relationship on the podcast How to Talk to Girls.

Oh fine, he said, I’ll just give you the password to my phone and all my devices, and if you’re feeling insecure, you can go look at anything you want,” she said.

As a partner, he is wonderful, full of love and support, and a rock. It’s amazing how different life can be once you’ve found someone you can trust.

How Did Tommy Lee meet Brittany Furlan?

It was in 2017 when Tommy and Brittany first laid eyes on one other, and it was on the celebrity dating app, Raya. The year 2019 saw the couple’s wedding announcement. It was on Valentine’s Day of 2018 that the drummer proposed to Brittany.

Furlan discussed the two of them and their relationship on a podcast called “How to Talk to Girls.” Apparently, when she expressed concern about his safety, he replied, “Oh, well, I’ll just give you the password to my phone and all my devices, and whenever you’re feeling nervous, you can go look at anything you want.

“Brittany continued, “He’s fantastic and so loving and so supportive and honestly is a great partner. It’s amazing how different life can be once you’ve found someone you can trust.

Tommy Lee Wife Brittany Furlan
Tommy Lee Wife Brittany Furlan

Brittany Furlan Is Pretty Active On Instagram

Instagram is a major part of Brittany’s life, just as it is for the vast majority of Hollywood stars today. She has currently uploaded 5315 pictures to her Instagram account. “Let’s laugh before we die” is the last line of her Instagram bio.

Furlan has amassed over 2.3 million Instagram followers. We spotted a few TikTok videos of the social media sensation on her Instagram account, as well as photos from her travels around the world and pictures with her musician spouse Tommy Lee.

Conversely, Brittany Furlan maintains a steady stream of material updates to her own TikTok channel whenever the topic of TikTok comes up. She has 1.8 million TikTok followers, which is a huge number for the app.

Can you imagine Brittany Furlan and Tommy Lee together? Please share your thoughts on the two of them in the feedback box. Keep reading to learn about all the happenings in the entertainment industry as they happen.

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