Tommy Lee Net Worth: How Did He Get Famous? (Updated 2023)

Tommy Lee Net Worth: Tommy Lee has been making headlines for the wrong reasons lately. The singer/songwriter recently posted a fully naked selfie to Instagram, which quickly became the subject of a hysterical meme storm on Twitter. A while later, the post was taken down, but the damage had already been done.

While the 59-year-old drummer is not new to controversies and has been embroiled in several of them throughout his career, he has also made a fortune that many can only dream of! Read on to know Tommy Lee Net Worth.

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Early Life

He entered this world as Thomas Lee Bass on October 3, 1962 in Athens, Greece. His father was a U.S. Army sergeant. In 1960, his mother won the title of Miss Greece. Athena is his younger sister.

When Lee was only a year old, his family made the transition to California. Lee got his first pair of drumsticks when he was four years old.

When he was a teenager, he discovered hard rock and heavy metal, particularly Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple, and he immediately wanted a real drum set.

Before deciding to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming a rock star, Lee cut his high school marching band involvement during his senior year. In the early 1980s, Lee’s first band, Studio 19, performed on the Sunset Strip.

When Lee was at a Studio 19 show, he ran into Nikki Sixx, who would later become a member of Mötley Crüe. During the same time period, other bands like Van Halen and Quiet Riot were also playing the Sunset Strip before they became famous.

Personal Life

Elaine Starchuk was Lee’s first wife; the couple wed in 1984. They officially split up in 1985. Actress Heather Locklear was Lee’s bride on May 10, 1986. Separation from the couple occurred in 1993. After meeting Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Heather Locklear wed him and had their daughter Ava (born in 1997).

Lee was briefly engaged to model Bobbie Brown after his divorce from Locklear. Lee and Pamela Anderson tied the knot on February 19, 1995. In fact, they’d only known each other for four days. They’re the proud parents of two young men named Brandon and Dylan.

In 1998, they decided to end their marriage and divorced. After admitting guilt and serving six months in county jail for kicking Pamela Anderson while she held their son Dylan, Lee and Anderson divorced in 2002.

Lee allegedly assaulted his wife after Anderson refused to call and ask her parents not to come over to the family house. After Lee got out of jail, he and Anderson reunited briefly in 2001.

Although Lee and Anderson reconciled in 2008 and even moved in with each other and their respective children, they ultimately broke up again.

Lee was engaged Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia from 2002 to 2003. In September of 2007, Lee was ejected from the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony after getting into a fight with Kid Rock.

Lee was engaged to Greek-German singer Sofia Toufa from 2014 to 2017. On February 14, 2018, Lee announced that he had proposed to his girlfriend Brittany Furlan. A year later on February 14, 2019, they tied the knot.

How Did Tommy Lee Become So Well-Known?

Lee and his band Mötley Crüe were a mainstay of MTV throughout the ’80s and ’90s, thanks to their string of commercially successful albums and visually arresting music videos.

Nonetheless, Lee has shown his artistic versatility beyond the realm of his band. In addition to playing drums on albums by Rob Zombie, Jack’s Mannequin, and Courtney Love, he was also the session drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins’ Monuments to an Elegy.

Lee has also released multiple albums under his own name and as a member of the rap-rock group Methods of Mayhem, whose 1999 single “Get Naked” achieved moderate success. The rock radio hit “Hold Me Down” originated from his 2002 solo debut album, Never a Dull Moment.

After returning from Ozzfest in September of 2000, he retreated to his home and began writing what would become his debut album, as he explained to Ink19. “As a result of my indecisiveness, I decided to “let’s just write and see where this goes and make this like a natural progression.”

It ended up exactly where you heard it.” Also, Lee has tried his hand at television. To compete on the TV show Rock Star: Supernova in 2006, he teamed up with former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

The three piece settled on Lukas Rossi as their singer and dropped an album. Additionally, he has made appearances on two reality shows: Tommy Lee Goes to College, which followed him as he went back to school, and Battleground Earth, which he co-starred in with rapper Ludacris.

Lee is well-known both on and offstage (in the tabloids). Before marrying Anderson in 1995, he was married to actress Heather Locklear from 1986 to 1993.

Bobbi Brown and Mayte Garcia, Prince’s ex-girlfriend, are just two of the many famous women rumoured to have dated him. Lee’s autobiography, Tommyland, reveals some details about his life away from the spotlight.

Tommy Lee Net Worth

Lee has an estimated net worth of $70 million, according to the website Celebrity Net Worth. This wealth was amassed through his musical career, endorsement deals (he has promoted multiple drum companies over the years), and other ventures (film, book, etc).

How Much Does Tommy Lee Make A Year?
How Much Does Tommy Lee Make A Year?

There’s no doubt that Lee is spending his savings on things that truly matter to him. In 2021, he spent $4.15 million on a 4,300-square-foot home in Los Angeles while trying to offload a home in Calabasas for $4.6 million.

The musician is well-known for his lavish lifestyle, which includes a collection of high-end automobiles. In 2020, he splurged on a $280,000 black Ferrari F8 Tributo.

How Much Does Tommy Lee Make A Year?

The $70 million in Lee’s rumoured net worth suggests he earns a comfortable living even when Mötley Crüe isn’t touring. But he also makes money from Mötley Crüe-related things like licencing deals and merchandise sales as well as book, music, and film royalties.

Certainly he learned this from his former Mötley Crüe bandmate Nikki Sixx, who has gone on to host a radio show, design clothing, and publish books. Band manager Allen Kovac once told CNBC that Mick makes more money now as an individual than he did in Mötley Crüe.

Lee is not, of course, his family’s sole provider. Also, he’s married to the very accomplished BrittanyFurlan, who has a huge following on social media and hosts a popular podcast. Lee gushed to GQ in 2020, “She is just incredible, man.”

“Sometimes I feel like my face is going to split open from smiling and laughing so much. In my opinion, the ability to make other people laugh is one of the most undervalued traits in a person, and she possesses this wonderful gift.”

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