Tom Hanks Net Worth: How Much Did He Make For Toy Story?

Tom Hanks Net Worth is commensurate with his legendary status after four decades in the business. Hanks has become famous for portraying positive roles in films or real life.

It’s a part he seems to play off-screen as well; Tom Hanks is not only one of Hollywood’s biggest names but also one of the industry’s most excellent. (He recently talked about how he’s crashed numerous fan weddings over the years.)

In 2022, when asked if he was worried about being pigeonholed, he told the New York Times, “I have a particular cinematic countenance that I carry into any movie, the same way that De Niro carries a malevolence into every role that he plays.”

What that means can be investigated in different ways. Take Clint Eastwood’s famous line, “You want to be Sully?” as an example. He agreed with me when I said, “I’ve kind of played that role before,” adding, “Yeah, you have.” It was a challenge that I was up for.

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The actor has taken on many roles, from the villain in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis to a producer and writer. Still, he can’t shake the acting bug at his core. According to an interview he gave to Parade in 2009, “I still view myself as a guy who gets bit by a bug, and I have to go off and explore.” 

“I hope I’m not done. Being an actor is one of my favorite careers. I enjoy working on films as a creative collaborator. I can’t picture myself ever not waking up and thinking about ways to facilitate the storytelling of others. So, I always start from scratch and love what I do.

In addition to winning numerous prestigious awards for his acting, including two consecutive Academy Awards and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Hanks has amassed a substantial fortune. Read on to learn the shocking truth about Tom Hanks’ wealth, including the fact that he paid for his scenes in Forrest Gump.

Early Life

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tom Hanks has deep ties to the city. After completing two years of college-level drama training at a community college and two years at California State University, Sacramento, he was encouraged to participate in an internship with the Great Lakes Theater Festival.

That internship turned into a three-year commitment. When he first arrived in New York City in 1980, he was cast as a co-star in the cross-dressing sitcom Bosom Buddies. The show ran for two seasons. After that, he had a string of supporting roles in movies.

Salary Highlights

Tom made roughly $300 million in movie earnings between 1988 and 2010. After adjusting for inflation, that is equivalent to $450 million. In the subsequent decade, he amassed a fortune of over $100 million. Tom has earned at least $400 million from his film career without accounting for inflation.

That doesn’t include money made from producing or directing, either. Tom made $70,000 in 1984 for the movie “Splash,” one of his first significant paychecks. Once inflation is factored in, that amount is equivalent to about $172,000. 

In 1988, four years later, Tom made $1.75 million for his role in the film “Big.” That is equivalent to about $4 million in today’s money. He also made $5 million for “Punchline” in 1998—the equivalent of $11 million in today’s currency. 

Tom’s salary has been sky-high since the late ’80s. Saving Private Ryan brought in $40 million for Tom, followed by $20 million for You’ve Got Mail, $20 million for Cast Away, and $20 million for The Green Mile.

Da Vinci Code Salaries

Tom’s salary for his role in “The Da Vinci Code” in 2006 was $18 million. After that, he made another $25 million to headline the 2009 sequel Angels & Demons and another $25 million to headline the trilogy’s conclusion, 2016’s Inferno. Tom Hanks has made $68 million from his role as Robert Langdon.

How Much Tom Hanks Earned For His Role In Toy Story?

In the beginning, Tom Hanks was paid a lot less for his work on “Toy Story” than he would make now. According to the Los Angeles Times, he and Tim Allen (who played Buzz Lightyear) made a combined total of only $50,000 for the first Pixar film.

How Much Tom Hanks Earned For His Role In Toy Story?
How Much Tom Hanks Earned For His Role In Toy Story?

However, rumors have it that Hanks was paid an additional $5 million and $15 million for appearing in the sequel and the prequel, respectively, as Woody. No one knows how much he made on the Oscar-winning fourth installment of the series.

Tom Hanks Net Worth

In total, Tom Hanks is worth around $400 million. He takes at least $25 million for each film he stars in. As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Hanks made $400–$500 million from his film career.

Tom Hanks gave up a salary in exchange for movie points when he played Forrest Gump. Through the success of Forrest Gump, Hanks accumulated a fortune of about $150 million.

Hanks made $70 million for his work on the Da Vinci Code movies. He and his wife, Rita Wilson, control a real estate portfolio worth about $150 million.

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