Tom Cruise Wins Best Performance at MTV Movie & Tv Awards

At the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday, the actor from the 2022 movie “Top Gun: Maverick” got an award for best performance in a film for his part. He delivered his acceptance speech in a pre-recorded video that included him flying a jet.

Cruise praised the audience for their support and said, “I love you, I love entertaining you,” as he strapped the golden popcorn figurine into the airplane’s passenger seat. For the record, a Paramount spokesman verified on Sunday that Cruise was flying the aircraft himself.

Tom Cruise Wins Best Performance at MTV Movie & Tv Awards

She continued by saying that the P-51 Mustang Cruise was piloting was his, the same one he used in “Top Gun: Maverick.” Cruise is renowned for performing his stunts, and in a video he released to his verified Instagram last year, in which he was seen free-falling from a plane, he even thanked audiences for supporting the blockbuster sequel.

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Cruise, who Steven Spielberg himself dubbed the “savior of the movies,” ended his remarks on Sunday by stating, “See you at the movies.” Following years of chaos at the theaters brought on by the epidemic, the follow-up to the 1986 smash “Top Gun,” “Top Gun:

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Maverick,” became the highest-grossing movie of 2022 and Cruise’s first film to reach the billion-dollar mark. Overall, the line from the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” character Rooster, “It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot,” takes on new significance when Cruise flies a jet to accept an award.


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