Title Change For “Pretty Little Liars: Summer School” Is Made Public

The school has started, liars, sharpen those pencils. Season two of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will be renamed Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, according to creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. On October 31, he revealed the poster, which depicts a dead blonde cheerleader holding a megaphone in her mouth with the new title above her, on Instagram.

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“Halloween is here! “Aguirre-Sacasa wrote the post’s caption. “Even if it’s only October, it’s still not too early to consider summer vacation. Or in the case of #prettylittleliars…#plloriginalsin #hbomax from Millwood High.”

The comments section provides some information on the identity of this unidentified corpse. The actor Zaria, who portrays Faran Bryant, wrote, “Karen? Kelly???” while pointing at the Beasley Twins.

A pushed Karen (Mallory Bechtel) to an untimely demise in season one. Karen may still be alive, nevertheless, as the season’s cliffhanger implied that Kelly and her twin sister Karen exchanged places just before Karen passed away.

In typical A manner, the name change occurs weeks after Aguirre-Sacasa first teased it, following the conclusion of the Original Sin storyline at the end of season one.


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The showrunner posted pictures of the series’ stars visiting the writers’ room on October 12 “When some tiny liars drop by the writers’ offices to say hello, spill the beans, and reveal juicy secrets, it is always a joy! It’s time for #prettylittleliarsoriginalsin Season Two! But is it #pllORIGINALSIN once more this year, or is there another reason?”

The second season of the Pretty Little Liars remake was announced in September, and the showrunners teased that this season would be a “new, horror-version.”
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is currently available for streaming on HBO Max, even though season two has not yet had a launch date.

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