What is Tish Cyrus Net Worth? Tish Cyrus Renovates House Next to Gated Acreage After Divorce

Tish Cyrus is a popular and widely recognized figure in the United States. She has accomplished a great deal as an actress and producer. She also has a reputation for expertly executing the projects of her estranged husband, Billy Ray Cyrus.

American manager and producer Tish Cyrus has a $27 million fortune. Tish Cyrus is not only the manager of her superstar daughter Miley Cyrus, but she is also a famous singer in her own right. Notable films that Tish Cyrus has produced include “So Undercover,” “The Last Song,” “LOL,” and many more. She has also made several critically acclaimed TV series.

Tish Cyrus Net Worth

Tish Cyrus is a $25 million rich American actress and producer. Tish Cyrus entered the world in May of 1967. She and her husband, Billy Ray Cyrus, have a joint fortune of that amount. She is Miley Cyrus’s mom and manager. Tish Cyrus is the mother of five, including Billy Ray Cyrus’s children Trace, Brandi, and Noah.

Tish Cyrus Invests in $2.6 Million Project Amid Divorce

Tish Cyrus Invests in $2.6 Million Project Amid Divorce

Tish Cyrus has thus resolved to try something brand new. Despite being together since 1993, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus nearly broke up several times. In 2010, Billy Ray filed for divorce, but a year later, the couple reconciled. The couple reconciled a month after Tish filed for divorce in June 2013.

However, Tish re-filed for divorce in April 2022, disclosing that they had been living apart for two years. Tish has taken on a major project after her divorce from Billy Ray: renovating the house next to their gated acreage.

Tish recently purchased a fixer-upper with potential, and we know she will transform it into something beautiful. The 1960s-era house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, so there are plenty of resources for her to use.

Complete with a swimming pool, fruit trees, a stone fireplace stretching from floor to ceiling, a lava-stone fire pit, a vintage Zircon-style Malm wood-burning stove set, and more.

Tish and Billy Ray’s fixer-upper in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, is adjacent to their gated house, which they received from their daughter Miley in 2012. Tish’s offer of $2.6 million was the winning bid, which clinched the transaction on the new site.

It is near Cyrus’ current estate and the almost $30 million estate of Bob Hope.

Even though there appears to be a lot of work involved in this massive undertaking, we know that Tish will complete it with stunning results.

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