Thor “Love and Thunder” – Thor 4’s Director Reveals Thor’s Roommate Darryl Might Return

Since the announcement of the latest upcoming Marvel superhero movie “Thor  Love and Thunder” way back in 2019, Marvel fans have been eagerly waiting for it.

Taika Waititi, director of the fourth installment of the Thor franchise, recently uploaded a photo during June on his Instagram stating that they were finally wrapping up the shooting of the movie. No one can be happier than us, and all other Marvel fans as we are finally going to see the God of Thunder and his comedy scenes have become a favorite among Marvel fans. After so many delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are finally getting a fourth Thor movie.

Now, an early 2022 release date is set for the movie, and fans are expecting trailers and sneak peeks to be out soon.

Thor “Love and Thunder” Release Date

Thor: Love and Thunder are all set to hit cinemas in May 2022. Marvel made the official announcement a while back after filming was completed. Chris Hemsworth, along with other cast members, confirmed this on their Instagram posts.


Now that we have a rough release date and filming is complete, we know for sure that Thor 4 will be here soon. So, let’s talk about the cast, who is returning and what new additions they are going to make to the cast.

Chris Hemsworth will be continuing his role as the God of Thunder. Without a doubt, Thor is incomplete without the hunky Australian. Tessa Thompson will be continuing her role as Valkyrie and the Ruler of New Asgard.

Natalie Portman’s return was announced at the 2019 Marvel Comic-Con. Russel Crowe is said to be playing the character of Zeus the All-father. Stars like Chriss Pratt and Matt Damon are going to make an appearance in the movie. The biggest letdown for Thors fans is that Loki will most certainly not be in the movie. Christian Bale is going to play the main villain of the movie Gorr, the Butcher God.

Thor “Love and Thunder” Story

With its humorous and funny scenes blended in with intense fights, what can one expect from the fourth Thor movie? Chris Hemsworth says that it’s easily one of the best scripts he has read.

So, let’s talk about the storyline and what we can expect from Taika Waititi.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were initially going to appear in the film as at the end of Avengers: Endgame, we saw Thor leave with the Guardians on their spaceship. So, we can expect to be seeing a lot more of Drax, Groot, and Rocket.

Taika Waititi says that the Storyline of Thor: Love and Thunder is much larger and better than Thor: Ragnarök. He says it will be crazier and more fun, and we will see Thor embark on much bigger and better adventures than before. Waititi will also be resuming his role as the giant walking bunch of rock known as Korg.

Another plot or part of the movie is going to be about the Ruler of New Asgard, Valkyrie. In an interview, Tessa Thompson explains how Valkyrie will be a king and a queen at the same time.

There are a lot of guesses and ifs. That is always the case for an anticipated and upcoming movie of a very successful franchise. Thor 4 is going to adopt Jason Aaron’s run in the comics, with the same villains, and time frame and plots. So, you can guess a lot of stuff from there.

Return of Jane Foster

There are rumors that state that the upcoming Thor film might be about time travel. The return of Jane Foster and the Finale of the Marvel Tv series are somewhat proof that this might be the case. The villain of this movie, Gorr, has the power to enter and leave the timestream at any point. In the comics, they say that he has He is said to gain these powers after killing the Time Gods.

Another theory is that Jane Foster might be the New Thor or a Thor from another universe. In the comic books, she becomes the God of Thunder after Thor is deemed unworthy.

Well, all we can do is wait and see. No matter the plot, this upcoming movie is going to be awesome; there’s no doubt about that!

Is the Trailer Out?

Yes, as we all know that luckily Marvel already released a teaser for this upcoming movie last year. So, we can technically say the trailer is already out, and you can watch.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep on following our blog for more awesome updates!

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