The Witcher Season 3 Release Date Status Schedule

TV show Witcher’s showrunner Lauren Schmidt disclosed that a third season is yet to receive the renewal news from Netflix. And the third season’s fate strongly depends on how well the second season does with the audience and the critics. So, now the question arises: Did Witcher’s latest season do great in terms of rating or viewership? And if not, then what does this mean about the fate of Witcher Season 3?

“There has been no formal renewal,” Hissrich says. “In fact, right now, my focus is on Season 2. I mean, we have this airdate now; we’re going to launch on December 17. There is still a lot of work to be done in post-production. So I’m back and forth between Los Angeles and London completing that, and that is just where all of our focus is right now because we need a great Season 2 if we have a hope of having a Season 3.”

As the second is yet to release, we’ll have to wait for a bit longer to find out about Witcher Season 3. Based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, the fantasy series has plenty of content for the third season to focus on. But only if the show gets picked up for a third season by Netflix. However, there were rumors that the show was confirmed for the third season, but Hissrich kept the cards close to her chest. Concluding from all this, the third season will most likely get confirmed a month officially after the 2nd season’s release in December. Below you’ll find more details about Witcher Season 3!

The Witcher Season 3 Release date 

Netflix has not disclosed the official release date for Witcher Season 2, mainly because the second season has not premiered yet. But Netflix is notorious for canceling shows even if they perform well. Why? Because of their high cost of production. It has happened several times in the past, so fans are genuinely scared for the fate of the Witcher franchise. But if we look at the stats, the first season of Witcher was one of the most-watched series. So, we have high hopes from Netflix, and hopefully, they won’t disappoint!

The Witcher Season 3


The cast depends solely on the story development in the second season. If any main character dies in the sequel. Then it will have a major impact on the entire cast of Witcher Season 3. Netflix hasn’t greenlit the show yet, so obviously, there are no official announcements for the cast members either.

But considering that the third installment will follow the storyline in the same direction, we’ll get to see most of the main cast in the threequel. Obviously, the showrunners won’t risk Henry Cavill’s character because the franchise has such a strong fanbase because of him. 


As the Witcher is based on novels, the third season can pick up any storyline. But it depends on the showrunners whether they want to continue with the original plot or the one written by their own screenwriters. We have no major leads on the plot of the upcoming sophomore season, so naturally, there is no plot synopsis for Witcher Season 3.

We’ll get to know more about the storyline once the second season releases on Netflix this December!

The Witcher Season 3 Trailer 

There is no footage from the third season because the shooting for it hasn’t started yet. But if you’re interested, you can watch the teasers and trailers for Witcher Season 2. You’ll find them on Netflix’s YouTube account!

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