The Thundermans Return Movie Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The Thundermen have returned. The Thundermans Return, a full-length film based on the popular live-action superhero comedy series, has been given the go-ahead by Nickelodeon Studios. The film will chronicle the powers-wielding family as they usher in a new era of superhero crimefighting.

The Thundermans Return will begin filming in Los Angeles this April, and the release date will be disclosed at a later time. “It’s been such a thrill to return to Hiddenville with this legendary superhero family and the original cast,” said Zack Olin and Shauna Phelan, Co-Heads of Nickelodeon & Awesomeness Live-Action.

Both the people who watched the show when it first aired on Nickelodeon and the others who are only now learning about it thanks to streaming services will enjoy this film. To name a few, Kira Kosarin returns as Phoebe, Jack Griffo as Max, Addison Riecke as Nora, Diego Velazquez as Billy, Maya Le Clark as Chloe, Chris Tallman as Hank, and Rosa Blasi as Barb from the original series.

If you’re curious about the release dates of the series listed below, this may be of interest to you:

In the film, Phoebe and her brother Max are living the heroic dream until one of their “saves” backfires and they are sent to Hiddenville. Whilst Hank and Barb are happy to have them back, and Billy and Nora are looking forward to a more typical high school experience, Max and Phoebe are set on regaining their superpowers. Fan favorites, new bad guys, and old haunts all make appearances in the film.

The Thundermans Return Movie Release Date

Even though a premiere date has yet to be set, Nickelodeon has revealed that filming for the film will begin in April of 2023 in Los Angeles. After premiering on Nickelodeon in October 2013, The Thundermans ran for four seasons until 2018. At that time, it became the network’s highest-rated series ever among children aged 2-11 and children aged 6-11.

Phoebe and Max Thunderman, superhero twins with polar opposite personalities, are the focus of this written half-hour sitcom from creator and executive producer Jed Spingarn, who has won three Emmy Awards for his work on the show.

After its streaming debut in 4Q21, the program has experienced a renaissance; it ranked as the top title across all SVOD in that quarter among Kids 6-11, and Nickelodeon claims it will remain among the top titles with that demographic through at least 2022.

Who All Is Coming Back to “The Thundermans”?

Jed Spingarn (Big Time Rush, Jimmy Neutron) wrote and executive produced The Thundermans Return, and Trevor Kirschner (The Thundermans, Raven’s Home, The Conners) helmed the film. Executive producer Kira Kosarin’s name is on the credits. The film also features Jack Griffo in an executive capacity.

Both Dan Cross and David Hoge are Executive Producers on the show. Zack Olin and Shauna Phelan, Co-Heads of Nickelodeon & Awesomeness Live-Action, are in charge of the film’s production at Nickelodeon Studios. Nickelodeon’s head of production is named Brian Banks.

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