The Shocking Revelation Of Rick Grimes’s Death In Season 11 Of The Walking Dead

Spoilers for episode 23 of The Walking Dead season 11 are below. Twenty-three episodes into the series, The Walking Dead’s penultimate episode is finally delivering us everything we could possibly want. True tension? Check. Zombie intelligence that is truly frightful? Check.

Are major characters dying off? Judith’s future is still uncertain, but it’s possible. Longtime fans will also find all the Rick Grimes information they could want in Judith’s plot, barring his actual screen appearance.

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The most recent intro monologue she delivers also makes us think of Rick, and that’s very deliberate because the score just so happens to be the same one that played in Rick and Michonne‘s final episodes. Judith mentions her father a lot in this most recent episode, for example when she picks up Rick’s gun and says he was “searching for mercy” (season nine, episode five and season 10, episode 13, respectively).


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This music gives us the impression that Rick and Michonne are somehow still with Judith in spirit given that she is currently going through her parent’s arsenal. The events of a subsequent shootout with Pamela Milton, though, suggest that she may soon turn into a spirit as well.

Lydia was bitten by a walker, and Judith was shot by Pamela Milton, just when you were beginning to believe that everyone in The Walking Dead was protected by some rather thick narrative armor. If your name doesn’t rhyme with Schmarol, Schmaryl, Schmaggie, or Schmegan, things aren’t looking good.

However, Lydia might still live despite having one fewer arm than when she started, and Judith might actually survive as well. We might be being overly hopeful, though. The episode closes on a cliffhanger that leaves Judith’s future out in the air, and if the writers were inspired by the passing of her father, Rick Grimes, things don’t seem good for her.

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