The Marked Heart Season 2: When Will It Arrive On Netflix?

Pálpito, also known as The Marked Heart, is now available to watch on Netflix. The entire season was quickly binge-watched after its release on April 20. Viewers are now speculating about the possibility of a third season. Below, we’ve outlined everything we know about a possible second season of The Marked Heart.

Leonardo Padrón is the creator and author of the Columbian thriller series The Marked Heart. The series was directed by Camilo Vega and produced by CMO Producciones. When his wife was murdered, Simón went on a mission to find the organ traffickers responsible for her death.

The film stars Michel Brown, Ana Luca Domnguez, Sebastián Martnez, Margarita Muoz, Moisés Arizmendi, and Valeria Emiliani. Viewers were kept on their toes by the series’ many twists and turns. Then, when it was all over, they longed for more. Is there going to be a second season of The Marked Heart? Here’s what we know so far about a possible sequel!

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The Marked Heart Season 1

During the first season, a man whose wife died and whose heart was transplanted into another woman’s was the focus of attention. Illegal organ trafficking is to blame for all of these unfortunate events. In the wake of all these misfortunes, he is on a mission to exact retribution against those responsible.  Season 1 of The Marked Heart has a total of 14 episodes.

You can learn more about the series by watching it on Netflix. Just a month ago, in April 2022, it was released. Fans are eager to see what the second season has in store after the season’s conclusion, which ties up a lot of loose ends. Everything you need to know about The Marked Heart season 2 can be found here.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Plot

A woman was murdered and her heart was transplanted into the body of another woman by organ traffickers. This story revolves around the death of Valeria, Simon’s wife. Camila, the new owner of the heart, is married to a wealthy businessman and has a lot of money.

Following her heart transplant, Camila became interested in learning more about the heart’s previous owner and their immediate family. Simon, whose wife was brutally murdered, is also interested in finding out who killed her and why they did it.

In the end, Simon and Camila found each other after searching for clues. They fell in love, but when they learned the truth about Valeria’s murder, their joy faded quickly. Their lives took numerous twists and turns, revealing each mystery as they went.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Cast

Although we haven’t seen an official cast list, we can expect that most of the main cast members from the first season will be returning. In spite of Camila pretending to be dead, we’re confident she’ll be back for season 2.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Cast
The Marked Heart Season 2 Cast

Similarly, we can’t be sure Sarmiento and Mariachi will remain in prison for the foreseeable future. List of cast members who will be returning:

  • Michel Brown as Simón
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as Camila
  • Sebastian Martínez as Zacarías
  • Moisés Arizmendi as Mariachi
  • Valeria Emiliani as Samantha
  • Julián Cerati as Tomás
  • Juan Fernando Sánchez as Sarmiento
  • Mauricio Cujar as Braulio Cárdenas
  • Jacqueline Arenal as Greta Volcán

The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date

The release date hasn’t been announced yet. We don’t expect a release date announcement from the streaming service any time soon, since the thriller series was just recently renewed. However, we’re still willing to share our release date forecasts. We believe the second season will premiere in early 2023.

New seasons of Netflix originals are usually released every year. After a year, the release date of season 2 would be April 2023. Remember that filming and editing will take time. The first season of the show was produced quickly, but post-production took a long time. For now, the second season of The Marked Heart will premiere on Netflix in the spring of 2023.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of The Marked Heart has yet to receive a trailer. However, be sure to check back often as we will keep you informed of any new developments regarding the upcoming season. But if it is, you will be able to see it on our website. The previous season’s trailer is available for viewing.

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