The Heike Story Season 2: It Return With Next Episode (2022)!

Heike Story is the Japanese amine series. This series received a 7.8 ranking on IMDB out of 10. The series was arriving in September 2021 on the Netflix platform, now fans are waiting for The Heike Story Season 2.

the series was produced by Science SARU and directed by Naoko Yamada, and released from September 16 to November 25, 2021, on the Japanese streaming service Fuji TV on Demand and Funimation’s streaming service.

The article will give all the latest updates for 2022 the series. so friends make a connection with us till the end and got all details. let’s move on to see what happened next in the plotline.

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The Heike Story Season 2 Plot: What will Occur In The Storyline?

Before the second season, we will discuss a little about the first season, let’s go ahead and read the recap of the previous season.

Set during the Genpei War (1180–1185), a devastating civil conflict that divided Japan, the story is told from the viewpoint of Biwa, a young girl and travelling biwa musician. Following the death of her blind father, Biwa meets Taira no Shigemori, heir to the powerful Taira clan that is fighting for supremacy in the war.

Shigemori also has the power of supernatural sight; with one of his eyes, he sees ghosts of those killed in the war. Through his ability, he understands his clan’s part in the killing of Biwa’s father, and when Biwa relates a prophecy predicting the downfall of the Taira clan he believes that she has the same ability.

The kind, level headed and responsible Shigemori invites Biwa to come to live with him and his family under the auspices of being a playmate and companion for his children but hopes that her power can prevent the downfall of the Taira clan.

Biwa agrees to be taken in but refuses to use her power to help the clan that was responsible for the death of her father. She serves to chronicle the events leading to the rise and fall of the Taira clan.


The Heike Story Season 2 Cast: Who Else Will Return And Who Are The Newcomers?

After watching the first season you also like someone from the series ”The Heike Story” characters who want to be back in the upcoming season 2,  then comment his/her name below the given section.

You all know the first season ended last year December 2021, without renewing the second season, till then we have no confirmation regarding the series cast members, which one is returning and who are new ones, and the expected members including below. Let’s check out.

  • Biwa as Aoi Yuuki.
  •  Kiyomori as Tessbhou Genda.
  •  Tokiko as Kikuko Inoue.
  •  Tokitada as Yutaka Aoyama.
  •  Shigemori as  Takahiro Sakurai.
  •  Koremori as Miyu Irino.
The Heike Story Season 2 Cast
The Heike Story Season 2 Cast


from her childhood, her father clothed and presented her as a boy, and Biwa sincerely believed herself to be him, so no one could guess, either by her appearance or by her ways, that she was a girl.

she invented a name for herself, in recognition of her favourite musical device, dad forbade Biwa to see the future and the girl kept her commitment for a long time. What are you thinking about why her father did so? Give your statement to justify your thoughts.


Minister, Commander of the Guard; thanks to his eyes he sees the ghosts of the dead who have not found a shelter for themselves even at celebrations. He acts with restraint and calm, but the father does not find him interesting, which greatly hurts Shigemori’s soul.

At the first meeting with Biwa, he saw next to her the spirit of her deceased father, who was killed by warriors of the Taira clan. So, guys, I hope you enjoy the article reading. Then move on to the next and see what would you find about the release date.

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The Heike Story Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Arrive?

No, there is not any notification about the release date. So it is confirmed that there is no out release date. The first season of the Heike Story was released on 15 September 2021 and terminated in the same year month of December.

Yet no statement of release date about season 2. But if it happens in the future then definitely come in the last 2022 or early in the 2023 year.

The Heike Story Season 1 Release Date 15 September 2021
The Heike Story Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet

Let’s move on and enjoy the trailer, and see what happened in the trailer.

The Heike Story Season 2 Trailer: Is It Out Or Not?

 As you all know, there is not any announcement about the release date. Similarly, the trailer of The Heike Story Season 2 is also not arrived. So don’t worry guys here we will provide all updates and enjoy the previous season trailer.

Final words

In the Heike Story, a Japanese series, about a girl who is an orphan her father hides her identity from the outside and represents her as a boy and also dressed as a boy, achieving a good response from the fans and critics on IMDb, so next season come as soon well defiantly in future.

I hope all fans are very curious about the waiting for the upcoming season, so don’t worry it will be coming soon. And if you have any queries regarding this article or any suggestions then you give your response in the comment section, and we will undoubtedly answer your questioning.

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