The Eminence In Shadow Episode 16: Date Of Availability And Preferred Streaming Service

Fans of the light novel series were thrilled by adding three new characters to the anime in the previous episode of The Eminence in Shadow, who all had distinct designs and were voiced by talented actors. The protagonist enters the Bushin Festival Tournament as another mysterious character named Mundane Mann, and he’s not holding back.

Skel’s revelation to Cid that Rose had stabbed her fiance, Perv Asshat, and then fled left viewers hanging, and they’ve been dying to find out what drove Rose to take such extreme action. Beatrix, likely Alpha’s long-lost aunt, will debut in episode 16 of The Eminence in Shadow.

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The Eminence In Shadow Episode 16 Release Date And Preferred Streaming Service

This coming Wednesday, January 18, 2022, at 10.30 pm JST, Episode 16 of The Eminence in Shadow will premiere on A-TX, Sun TV, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, and other local Japanese broadcasting channels. You can watch the show’s latest episodes on Hidive right now, and it’s the only place you can watch them in either the English dub or the sub.

Pacific Time: 6:30 am PST
Central Time: 8:30 am CST
Eastern Time: 9:30 AM EST
British Time: 2:30 pm GMT
Indian Time: 8:00 pm IST
European Time: 4:30 pm CEST

What Happened Previously On The Eminence In Shadow?

If Iris thrives at the festival, she can investigate the Cult of Diabolos without interference. The Bushin festival attracts hundreds of skilled fighters from all over the world. To protect his true identity, Cid also plans to take part.

Instead, he’ll pretend to be a nobody named Mundane Mann who dies poor but still manages to win every fight. So that he can help Cid, Gamma applies some magical slime to Cid’s face, giving him the appearance of Mundane Mann.

Next, we meet Annerose Nichtsehen, a swordswoman from the Velgata empire, who advises him to withdraw from the competition upon seeing Cid’s weakened condition. Later, Cid fights a man named Quinton, and Quinton deliberately defeats Cid. Quinton is about to hurt Cid, but Annerose stops him. Quinton is surprised that Cid is unharmed.

When Rose tells Cid that her father has chosen a man named Perv Asshat to be her fiance, Cid advises her to do whatever will bring her the most joy. Goldy Gilded, a skilled fighter, then appears and instructs Skel on determining which warrior has the best chance of winning.

Goldy is proven wrong, however, when a motionless Mundane defeats him. Annerose can witness Mundane’s lightning-quick movements as he dispatched his previous opponent and advanced to face Goldy. In the episode’s final moments, Cid finds out that Rose stabbed Perv and fled.

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Episode 16 of The Eminence In Shadow, a brand new trailer has been made available. Check out the clip below to get a taste of what’s coming in the next episode!

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