The Benefits of Framing with Acrylic

Keeping a photo frame of your loved ones is a great thing. But people often get confused with the Glass frames or the Acrylic Photo frames. While the glass frames provide a classic look, they are not good every time. The acrylic ones are being recommended due to a lot of benefits. But if you are not sure about the benefits of Acrylic Photo frames, you are missing many great things. If you are the one willing to learn more about acrylic picture frames and the benefits of framing with acrylic, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on the benefits of acrylic picture frames and how they are superior to glass frames.

Benefits of Using Acrylic in Photo Frames

1 – Shatterproof

One of the most significant benefits of using acrylic in photo frames is shatterproof. It means that if you accidentally drop your frame, it will not shatter into pieces as a glass frame would. Being shatterproof is a huge benefit for children or pets as it eliminates the risk of them breaking the frame. Also, it protects the frames while in transport.

2 – Safety

As the acrylic is thicker than glass, they are safer to put your photos in. When the frame falls by accident, it will only scratch the surface of your photo without actually damaging it. Also, the Acrylic barrier protects the images from external pollutants and moisture that may damage the same.

When framed with glass, there is always the risk that the glass will shatter and damage your photo. So, if you are looking for a frame that is safe to use and will protect your photos, then acrylic is the best option available.

3 – Durability

Another benefit of using acrylic frames is that they are more durable than glass. The acrylic is thicker, so the frame will not break when dropped. It means that once you have bought a quality acrylic photo frame, you can use it for years without having to worry about replacing it every time you drop it.

4 – Affordable

One benefit of using acrylic frames is that they are less expensive than glass frames. Although prices vary depending on the manufacturer, size, material used, etc., the overall cost is generally lower than glass because acrylic’s durability means fewer replacements are needed over time. They are also cheaper to maintain and require minimal care over time.

5 – Less Maintenance

One of the significant benefits of using acrylic photo frames is how easy they are to clean. Because the material used for these photo frames is transparent, dirt or dust will not hide inside the frame where it cannot be removed easily. It means that you can wipe your acrylic picture frame with a cloth to keep it clean and presentable all the time without having to take them down from the wall. Ensure you use the microfiber cloth and the mild detergent to clean the Acrylic surface to protect it from scratches and other issues.


One more benefit of acrylic photo frames is that there are a wide variety of styles and sizes. You can choose from any structure made from wood or even metals with intricate designs. The choice is yours as the options are endless, so you will be able to find an acrylic picture frame that suits your style perfectly. You can even get them customized in various shapes if your photo frames require a unique design.

The debate between the Acrylic frames and the Glass frames will continue for a long time. But having the information about the Acrylic frames’ benefits will help you choose the best one. Although Glass frames have their own set of features and benefits, the Acrylic Photo frames have proven the use case and should be preferred for the majority of the photos.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that acrylic frames are less expensive because of their durability. My husband and I are interested in having our family portraits framed so we can display them in the living room. So we want to choose an option that could save us money in the long run, we will consider your tips.

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