WWE Wrestler Terry Funk Cause of Death: What Happened to Him?

American professional wrestler Terry Funk, real name Terrence Funk. His early interest in the sport and his steady performance throughout his career made him one of the most in-demand American wrestlers of all time.

Funk’s career spanned more than five decades, making him one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling history. In addition to several brief retirements, his over 50-year career was marked by the introduction of the groundbreaking hardcore wrestling style.

Funk has competed for various promotions, including AJPW, ECW, and the International Wrestling Association of Japan.

He competed for multiple organizations once more, including Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, the US Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling, and the World Wrestling Federation.

A tragic loss, the WWE legend has passed away. On August 23, 2023, at 79 years old, Terry Funk passed away. As of this writing, the circumstances surrounding his passing remain unknown.

Terry Funk Cause of Death

Funk’s age was given as 79. In recent years, he suffered from dementia and Parkinson’s disease on top of the aches and pains a 50-year wrestling career gave him.

Dory Sr. and Dory Jr., both of whom he was named after, had careers in professional wrestling. He had an Indiana birth but a West Texas upbringing. He was a professional wrestler in Florida for the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the 1970s and 1975 when he won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight title. Terry debuted about the same period and worked with Dory Jr. on All Japan in the ’70s and ’80s.

However, according to reports, Funk “was in bad health for some time” and was “in a nursing home.” His death was also confirmed in a statement by the WWE.

“WWE is saddened to learn that WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk has passed away at the age of 79. WWE extends its condolences to Funk’s family, friends and fans”

Terry Funk: The Hardcore Legend

Terry Funk The Hardcore Legend

In the 1960s, Terry Funk began his wrestling career and immediately became well-known for his toughness, violent brawls, and the charisma and in-ring storytelling he used to connect with spectators. The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) were just a few of the promotions he wrestled for.

Funk’s “hardcore” approach to wrestling was defined by rough, furious matches using weapons and severe situations. In 1981, he wrestled Jerry Lawler in the iconic “Empty Arena” match, a radically new concept.

Terry Funk was a professional wrestler who won numerous titles over his career. He was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, among others. His feuds with wrestlers like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Mick Foley are legendary.

The rise of ECW in 1997 was one of Funk’s most memorable years in the business. Due largely to his feuds and confrontations with wrestlers like Sabu and Cactus Jack (Mick Foley), ECW became known for its harsh wrestling style.

Terry Funk is a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling because he repeatedly went into retirement and came out of it. In 2009, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in recognition of his many accomplishments in the business.

After his wrestling career ended, Funk starred in several film and television roles, proving he was more than just a one-trick pony—his pioneering spirit in wrestling lives on, inspiring future generations of wrestlers and delighting audiences everywhere.

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