Terraria House: A Place to Keep Your NPC’s Safe

In the game, every NPC needs a safe place. A place where they can go and relax every night. Or in short, a place that will keep them safe from all the evils of Terraria at night. So, you might be wondering what is needed to build a Terraria house for your loyal NPCs. Including what all to consider while making a Terraria house? Worry no more, since we have broken down all the details for you here.

The Basics Requirements Of a Terraria House

For a house to be acceptable in the game and for NPCs to live in it, there are a particular set of requirements that you can find below:

  • Must have an entrance which is usually a wooden door.
  • Must have a light source.
  • A flat surface item is essential.
  • Must have a comfort item.
  • The house can be of any number of blocks from as minimum as 60 and as maximum as 750.
  • Must have a background wall built by the player.
  • Somebody shouldn’t breach the corruption levels.
Terraria house

How to Build a Terraria House?

Following are the materials that you will need to build a basic Terraria house:

  • Blocks of any material.
  • Any light source. (A torch will be more than enough).
  • Door.
  • Table.
  • Chair.
  • Walls.

Once you have gotten all of these materials, you can build a basic Terraria house. This house is more of a starter pack, and you can modify it in any way to make it better. Since every NPC needs a room and not an entire house, you also build an apartment so that all your NPCs are in one place. Remember that your home should at least have 60 blocks; otherwise, it will not be acceptable.

Moreover, all your walls don’t have to be joined with each other. You may leave some space in between. However, the gaps between the walls shouldn’t be huge. If the gap is too big, enemies can walk inside. 

Additionally, bear in mind is that NPCs will not share a room with any other. This means if you are building a cottage of one room, only one NPC will reside in it. Thus, make according to this requirement.

Cool Houses in Terraria

Once a player has built basic houses for his NPCs and has free time on his hands, he can opt for building homes that will make him stand out. So, we have compiled a list of the cool places that we found in the worlds of Terraria.

  1. Castle Housing.
  2. Underground Housing.
  3. Terraria Underwater Housing.
  4. Terraria Treehouses.

In addition to this, players can find lots of tutorials on youtube, which will help them build these houses.

Importance of Location

Terraria has provided its gamers with lots of options for places to build their houses. However, some sites have to be avoided at all costs as your NPC can not live in those areas. The businesses that every gamer has to avoid at all costs are corruption or crimson blocks. A house built on or even near it is inhabitable leaving your NPC to wander around in search of a home.

What is the Housing Menu?

Clicking on the house icon in your inventory above the Terraria armor slots is how you will access the housing menu. This menu allows gamers to assign an NPC of their town a house by placing the NPC’s flag on the home in which you want it to live in. Furthermore, if an NPC doesn’t go to his house, the housing menu will also help to identify the reason.

Terraria house

You might be wondering how the menu will help in a matter like this. Just click on the “?” icon, which is the housing query mark. To sort it out, click on any house and see if it is suitable for an NPC to live in or not. If it is not appropriate, look at what the home you have built lacks. Once the house becomes suitable, NPC will go inside it every night and stay inside till dawn.

Above all, homes are a vital part of Terraria, and no NPC is safe without them. This is why it is essential to build a house for all the NPCs of the town. Which home did you build? Write it down in the comments below!

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