Terraria Hard Mode Bosses – How to Summon and Kill Them

Hard mode is a much more challenging version of Terraria that comes after the Wall Of Flesh Boss. The Terraria, hard mode version, has many new bosses (which are known as Terraria Hard Mode Bosses) along with better versions of previous bosses. With two new biomes and lots of bosses, this mode is challenging.

Hence, you should be prepared with all the resources and knowledge about the Terraria hard mode bosses that you will be fighting against in Terraria. Continue to read to learn about all the Terraria Hard mode bosses that you will face during the game.

List of Terraria Hard mode Bosses

#1 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Queen Slime

It is one of the Hallow-themed tremendous Terraria Hard Mode Bosses which is transparent pink Slime with a tiara on its head.

Queen Slime Health Bar Status

The Queen Slime has max health of 18000 in normal mode, 28800 in expert mode and 36720 in the master mode.

How to Summon Queen Slime in Terraria?

Although you don’t need to fight with this boss to make progress in the game, you might consider defeating her for some unique rewards. You’ll need to use a Gelatin crystal to summon the Queen Slime. You can find the crystal along with Crystal Shards in the Underground Hallow. They’ll usually be growing on Pearl stones and Pink Ice blocks.

What is Terraria Queen Slime Attacking Strategy?

While attacking, the Queen slime will jump around you. As her health depletes, she spawns three type minions.

The first type of minions that she summons is Crystal Slimes that shoot several crystals directly upwards.

The second type minion is Heavenly Slimes that fly around the player and attack him.

The third type of minion is Bouncy Slimes. They shoot out bouncing shots directly at the player. 

When the Queen Slime appears, she jumps around for a while and then becomes stationary. She will then attack using one of the two methods described below:

  • Trying to stomp the player by jumping very quickly to deal with massive damage.
  • Firing six bouncing Regal Gels toward the player. Sometimes, she will use this strategy several times consecutively.

When her health falls below 50%, the Queen will sprout wings to fly. Additionally, she will shoot out Gels in 10 directions very quickly. She will also try to fly above the player and fall on him to extra deal damage.

During the combat, you can use the Palladium armour to recover health quickly. You can use wings or mounts to hover above the Queen and avoid some of her attacks in the first stage of the fight. Once the Queen sprouts wings, you must stay close to the ground to tackle her attacks.

How to Defeat Queen Slime in Terraria Hard mode?

The Slime Queen is not that hard to defeat. You need to look out more for the minions which she summons because they are the ones that deal massive damage. The Queen Slime is immune to lava. However, you can kill the minions by using lava. So to make conditions in your favour, choose an arena that has lava in it. Then, to defeat her quickly make use of Lava waders or Terraspark Boots to keep yourself safe while destroying every minion.

You can also use the platforms that float in the air to cause the minions to fall and die. Alternatively, use the Daedalus Storm bow with Holy Arrows and spawn a few minions yourself to take care of the enemy minions.

Upon defeating the Queen Slime, you get six gold coins and around 5-15 greater healing potions. Before dying, she drops some parts of the Crystal Assassin armour. If you manage to collect the whole set, then this armour will enhance your health and shield bar to make you able to fight with several other Terraria Hardmode Bosses.

#2 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: The Destroyer

Terraria Hard Mode Bosses

The Destroyer is a giant worm, which is a redesigned version of the Eater of Worlds. But here in the hard mode, it is referred to as The Destroyer. When you spawn him, you will get a message on your screen. The message reads as “You feel vibrations from deep below….” As long as this boss is alive in Terraria, the music Boss 3 plays.

It is made up of many segments that share the same health pool. The sections do no separate from each other. The Destroyer can be divided into three different parts, namely, The Destroyer Head, The Destroyer Tail and The Destroyer Body. Each segment has a red-lit probe.

Each probe can detach and fly. If you kill these probes while they are disconnected, they will not return to the boss, and the monster will start to become an easy target. All the segments and probe of The Destroyer are unaffected by all debuffs except for Stunned 3DS.

How to Summon The Destroyer in Terraria Hard Mode?

When you are ready, use the mechanical worm to summon The Destroyer. This worm should only be used at night at only. If you don’t have a mechanical worm, then you can summon The Destroyer is by destroying the Demon or Crimson Altar at dusk. Since this method works naturally, so, you’ll just have only a 10% chance that he will appear to fight.

The Destroyer: Attacking Strategy

The Destroyer is coiled up when it spawns. It will immediately uncoil and charge towards the player with his full energy. Make sure to defeat it before dawn comes; otherwise, it will despawn. The Destroyer will jump from the ground and ram into the player. When it’s in the air, its mobility will be significantly decreased.

Its other attacks include shooting out lasers from its probes and firing flying Probes that also shoot out lasers with moderate accuracy. The lasers can be easily dodged. Probes are separate from the boss itself, and won’t get destroyed along with the boss.

You will need to take them out separately. One important thing to remember when fighting against this boss is that you should defeat before dawn. If the boss is alive and dawn happens, the boss will despawn. 

Defeating the Destroyer will provide you with the following rewards:

  • 12 coins.
  • Soul of Might.
  • Hallowed Bar.
  • Horned God Robe.
  • Greater Healing Potion.
  • Destroyer Mask.
  • Destroyer Trophy.

#3 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Skeletron Prime

Terraria Hard Mode Bosses

An advancement to Skeletron, a pre hard mode boss, is Skeletron Prime. This boss spawns precisely 81 seconds after the message, “The air is getting colder around you…” appears. As long as this hard mode boss is alive in Terraria, the Boss 1 music will play.

Skeletron Prime is made up of a head and four different arms, i.e. Prime Canon, Prime Vice, Prime Saw and Prime Laser. To defeat this boss, you have to destroy the head. This boss is immune to Shadowflame Debuff, Bone Javelin, Venom Debuff, Cursed Inferno Debuff, Daybroken Debuff, Stardust Cell Staff, Confused Debuff, Poisoned Debuff and On Fire! Debuff. It has a max life of 28000 in normal mode, 42000 in expert mode and 53550 in master mode.

Guide to Summon Skeletron Prime in Terraria

Skeletron Prime can be summoned in two different ways. It can spawn on its own at night. The status message will appear on the screen, and then the boss will spawn. However, if you are underground at the time when the message appears, go on the surface immediately; otherwise, the boss will not spawn. 

Another way to summon to this hard mode Terraria boss is by using a mechanical skull. Although, the mechanical skull should be used only at night to summon the Skeletron Prime.

Steps to Kill Skeletron Prime

During the combat, all the four arms of this boss will attack you. The Prime Cannon will throw bombs in the air. It will often stay above the player. The Prime Saw is the most deadly arm of all the four arms. It will move up and down. In the battle, he will stay below the player. The Prime Vice will make lunges at the player as it is his melee weapon. On the other hand, Prime Laser will fire a beam of a laser at the player. 

Skeletron Prime’s head is the central part, and its attack is similar to Skeletron’s head. The head will occasionally grow spikes, start spinning and attack players to damage them significantly. If the boss is not killed before dawn, it will become much faster and start attacking the players with much more damage, as per the experts, it behaves very similar to that of a fast Dungeon Dragon.

By killing all the four arms, you cannot defeat this boss. It is the head that you have to destroy to win. Destroying Skeleton Prime will give you the following rewards:

  • 12 Coins.
  • Soul of Fright.
  • Horned God Mask.
  • Greater Healing Potion.
  • Skeletron Prime Mask.
  • Skeletron Prime Trophy.

#4 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: The Twins

Terraria Hard Mode Boss

These mechanical bosses are a stricter version of the Pre-hard mode boss Eye of Cthulhu.

The Twins consist of two distinct flying entities called Retinazer and Spazmatism. They are joined to each other by a tendril. You need to destroy both to win this battle. The Retinazer is more laborious to terminate due to its laser-shooting ability.

They have a joint max health level of 43000 in normal mode, 64500 in expert mode and 82237 in master mode.

Summon Terraria Hard Mode Bosses – The Twins

To summon them, use a mechanical eye during the night anywhere between 7:30 pm to 4:30 am. 

They can also spawn randomly ( not more than 10% chance) if the following conditions are met:

  • They have not yet been defeated in this world.
  • A Demon or Crimson altar has been destroyed.
  • They appear during the time of dusk.

If you don’t kill the Twins before Dawn, they will despawn.

The Twins Attacking Strategy in Terraria

Retinizer is the red iris eye that can shoot lasers. Spazmatism is the green iris eye that shoots out Cursed Flames of green colour.

During the first phase, the Retinazer will shoot out purple lasers at high velocities while remaining above the player diagonally. Spazmatism fires Cursed flames at medium speed. It will always try to be present next to the player horizontally. The eyes will also charge at you and deal melee damage. Retinazer charges towards the player faster and fewer times than the Spazmatism.

Both eyes will transform into their second form once their health falls below 40%. This transformation takes place individually, so each eye’s health must fall below 40% to initiate the conversion. 

After reducing the health bar to 40%, the Retinazer will only shoot out lasers from the laser cannon which is in its eye. It will no longer try to charge at the player. However, the lasers become more damage dealing and used more rapidly. It will also fire quick barrages whose damage and frequency increases as Retinazer takes on more damage.

 On the other hand, Spazmatism starts charging at the player more aggressively. It will also fire out Cursed flames from its mouth. The flames deal considerable damage and inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff. Use healing potions during this phase to regain your health. 

In expert mode, the Spazmatism inflicts the debuff for twice as long as it does in the normal mode. Retinazer’s lasers also become faster and travel a greater distance. 

How to Kill The Twins in Terraria?

To defeat them, you need to try to deal more damage to one eye. So, you can take one down before the other enters into its second form. Battling both eyes in the second form may become quite painful. Use Cross Necklace to decrease the damage caused by barrage attacks.

You can also use all debuffs except the Confused one (the twins are immune to it) to deal damage. Use the Sharanga to shoot out Arrows while running away. You may also consider using the Shadowflame Knife to cause melee damage and hit both the eyes at the same time.

Upon defeating you will get 30 gold coins, Treasure bag which contains the Mechanical Wheel Piece and a few other items.

#5 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Plantera

Terraria hard mode bosses

You can only battle this boss if you’ve defeated The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime and the Twins.

Plantera Health Bar Status

Plantera has a max life of 30000 in normal mode, 42000 in expert mode and 53550 in master mode.

Best Way and Place to Summon the Plantera

The Underground Jungle is the best-recommended place to battle with this boss. You can summon her use by destroying one of the Plantera bulbs. They also spawn in random areas in the Underground Jungle. You can break the bulbs using a pickaxe, lava or breaking the blocks underneath them.

Best Attacks of Plantera in Terraria

By using vines, Plantera slowly moves through blocks. When she transforms into her second mode, she will also be able to grab background walls, which makes her more deadly.

In her first form, Plantera fires Pink Seeds. The rate of fire increases as her health falls. When her health falls below 80%, she starts throwing bouncing Thorn balls along with green Poison Seeds. All of these may harm the player very severely.

Moreover, if you come in contact with Plantera herself, you lose 50 health in normal mode, 100 in expert and 150 in master.

Plantera Attack Strategy After 50% Health

Once Plantera’s health falls below 50%, she transforms into her second form. Her pink petals are replaced with thorns. Most of the times, she will try to attack you through contacts, so try to maintain as much distance as you can.

Her damage increases considerably, but you should wait till her defence falls to 10, so you can still take her down when you manage to bring her health bar down. Then it would be an excellent time to Use Ichor based weapons as they will decrease her health even more. She will also grow additional mouths that are equipped with vines along with releasing pink spore projectiles.

If you go outside the Underworld Jungle, Plantera will follow you. She will become enraged, which doubles her damage and defence. She will become way more aggressive and try to deal more damage by increasing her speed to charge at players, etc. So make sure to always stay within the Underworld Jungle to prevent the fight from getting unnecessarily tricky.

Plantera Weapons

Plantera is equipped with hooks that only deal damage on contact. In the second stage, her tentacles will become more aggressive. They will change into gnawing minions that deal considerable damage, but these are easy to destroy due to their low health levels.

In the expert mode, it is even harder to fight with her. All seeds will gain the ability to penetrate through blocks and cause more damage. The number of thorn balls will also increase. Additionally, in the second form, Plantera’s tentacles will become attached to hooks along with her main body. Their number and health will also increase.

Know-How to Defeat Plantera Boss in Terraria

Before summoning her to try to find an arena in which there are no background walls. It will considerably decrease her mobility after transformation. You can use Gravitation Potions to keep the thorn balls stick to the ground, and by doing this, you can stop them from attacking you repeatedly.

To make yourself secure, you can also use wings, Hallowed armour and Mushroom spear. This armour will give you protection, and the sides will provide you with more mobility to avoid attacks as you constantly jab Plantera with the spear.

Remember to set up Campfires and Heart Lanterns around the arena to heal yourself quickly. However, they will also increase Plantera’s mobility as she can cling onto them by using her vines. You can also use the Clockwork Assault Rifle to fire at Plantera to decrease her health rapidly.

Upon defeating Plantera, you get the Temple key, which you’ll need it to access the Jungle Temple. Here, you will be able to battle the Terraria Golem boss. She will also drop 15 gold coins, a Grenade launcher (You’ll get these items only when you defeater her for the first time) and other useful things.

#6 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Empress of light

Terraria Hard Mode bosses

This boss appears after you defeat Plantera. The fight takes place in the Hallow. You might also want to lay of fighting her until you get some post Golem gear as they’re quite helpful against her.

Empress of Light Health Status

The Empress of Light has a max life of 70000 in normal mode, 98000 in expert mode and 124950 in master mode.

How to Summon The Empress of Light?

You need to kill a Prismatic Lacewing to summon her. You can find this rare critter in the Hallow between 7:30 pm- 12:00 am after defeating Plantera. To detect the presence of the Prismatic Lacewing, use a Lifeform Analyser.

The Lifeform Analyser can be purchased from the Travelling Merchant.

If you fight her during day time, she becomes enraged. The colour of her attacks will become bright yellow to indicate that she is enraged.

In this form, she almost instantly kills the player as her damage is lethal. You will need to use some particular types of equipment such as the Master Ninja Gear, Brain of Confusion, and Hallowed armour to be able to survive.

The Empress of light uses the following methods to attack the player:

  • She uses prismatic bolts that home in on players. However, they don’t have the best tracking ability so you can easily deflect them by making a sudden sharp turn.
  • She moves to either the left or right side of the player and then dashes towards them horizontally.
  • She will hover over the player (a little more on the left side of him/her) and emit six-light rays that rotate slowly around her. It is known as the Sun Dance. In each dance, she emits three sets of 6 beams.
  • She also summons an Everlasting Rainbow in which she releases 13-star rings. The stars will leave a trail of light behind them as they spiral out in the clockwise direction from the Empress and then spiral back in. This trail will deal damage to players.
  • She also spawns several swords in the direction that the player is heading. This attack is known as the Ethereal Lance attack. The swords attack the player from behind if he/she is moving. However, if he/she is stationary, the swords will be summoned in all directions.

The Empress will be in her first form when she spawns. Her attack pattern in this form is:

  1. Prismatic Bolts.
  2. Dash Attack.
  3. Sun Dance.
  4. Dash Attack.
  5. Everlasting Rainbow.
  6. Prismatic Bolts.
  7. Dash Attack.
  8. Ethereal Lance.
  9. Dash Attack.
  10. Everlasting Rainbow.
She keeps on repeating this pattern until she transforms.

Once the Empress loses 50% of her health, she transforms into her second form. After changing her attacking pattern will also evolve, and the time interval between the attacks will also decrease.

  1. Ethereal Lance with a higher number of swords.
  2. Prismatic bolts that circle the player and home in on them.
  3. Dash attack.
  4. Ethereal Lance only if she is enraged. Otherwise, she will not use this attack after the Dash and simply use the Everlasting Rainbow attack as mentioned below.
  5. Everlasting rainbow.
  6. Prismatic Bolts.
  7. Sun Dance.
  8. Ethereal Lance.
  9. Dash Attack.
  10. Prismatic Bolts.

She will continue to follow this pattern until you kill her.

Empress of Light Fighting Strategy

The Empress of Light is the fastest boss in the game which makes it much harder to beat. To deflect some of her attacks. You can use Rod of Discord. Also, don’t forget to use Betsy’s Wings or Jetpack to increase your speed And acceleration. She isn’t immune to most debuffs so you can handle quite a few to awaken her.

Once you defeat her, you get several gold coins, Terraprisma (only if she is defeated during the day), Greater Healing Potion, a treasure bag (containing Soaring Insignia) and an Empress of Light Relic.

#7 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Golem

Terraria hard Mode Bosses

Were you finding the Golem? If yes, then you must know that it is a hard mode boss that spawns after the Plantera boss. When you see this message on your screen, “The stone-faced ritualistic idol of the lihzahrd tribe…” then you should prepare yourself to fight with him. As long as Golem is alive in Terraria, you will continue to hear special music, which is referred to the Golem song.

Terraria Boss Golem Health And How to Summon Him

The overall life of Golem is 39000. To summon Golem, you need to have at least 1 Lihzahrd Power cell in your inventory. You can get it from the Jungle Temple’s Lihzahrd chests or occasionally from Flying Snakes and Lihzahrd drops.

Then, go to the Lihzahrd Altar in the Jungle Temple chamber. Once you are there, click on the Open/activate key to spawn Golem. Make sure you have defeated Plantera as Golem can’t be summoned without beating it first.

The Terraria Hard mode bosses Golem has two forms.

The first form is made up from the Golem Head and Right and Left his Fist.

The second part is made up of a Golem Body and a free Golem Head.

Both the first and second forms are immune to the fire! Debuff, Poisoned Debuff, Venom Debuff and Confused Debuff. 

Most of the time, Golem cannot pass through blocks. However, Golem’s fists, lasers and free head can pass through blocks and attack. In its first form, Golem will shoot fireballs at players.

Guide to Kill Golem in Terraria

It will also try to hit from its fists that extend from chains. Golem will also move and jump around in an attempt to damage players. One thing that can be noticed by all players is, the more damaged Golem gets; he tries more to attack. The second part starts when the head’s health becomes half of its original health; the eyes will begin shooting lasers.

Once the head has taken all the damage that it could, it will detach and the second form will appear. His head will become much more dangerous now as it will pass through blocks. It would be best if you try to aim at his body and try to defeat it because once the body is defeated, the head will also disappear.

Defeating Golem will give you the following rewards:

  • 15 Coins.
  • Beetle Husk.
  • Picksaw.
  • Sun Stone.
  • Possessed Hatchet.
  • Stynger.
  • Eye of the Golem.
  • The staff of Earth.
  • Heat-Ray.
  • Golem Fist.
  • Greater Healing Potion.
  • Golem Mask.
  • Golem Trophy.

#8 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Lunatic Cultist

Terraria hard Mode bosses

The Lunatic Cultist is a hard mode boss that spawns after the death of Golem. After the message, “The fanatical leader of the Dungeon coven…” appears, Lunatic Cultist will generate. This boss always seems at the Dungeon’s entrance, and the special music Golem will play as long as it will be alive.

It has a max life of 32000 in normal mode and 40000 in expert mode. The health bar can increases up to 51000 in master mode.

How to Spawn Lunatic Cultist in Terraria?

To spawn Lunatic Cultist, you will have to kill the ancient cultists. These ancient cultists appear at the Dungeon’s entrance after the death of Golem. One thing that you should remember is that if the Dungeon is destroyed, the lunatic cultist will not spawn anyhow.

Lunatic Cultist’s First Attacking Strategy

Initially, the lunatic cultist will attack you by three methods. It will fire three homing fireballs at you simultaneously. Each of them explodes when they come in contact with anything.

It will also shoot bolts of lightning via an orb. The last method by which the lunatic cultist will initially be attacking is an ice ball. This ice ball is not an ordinary ice ball as it fires six ice shards in six several directions. The moment when lunatic cultist’s health decreases to half in Terraria, it will also start attacking at players by a duo spread of five ancient light projectiles.

Second Attacking Strategy

Another tactic that lunar cultist uses in defeating the players is an illusion. During the fight, the lunatic cultist will form its duplicates. But always there will be a difference between the original boss and its clones. You can identify the original boss as it will have a shine in his eyes and also a golden stripe is found on his head.

Players can also consume a hunter potion so that they can identify the original boss from its duplicates. You should only attack the original boss to defeat it because by attacking the clones, you’ll be just wasting your resources.

Once you have defeated Lunatic Cultist, a message saying,”  “Celestial Creatures are invading!” will appear on your screen. Furthermore, you will also get rewards. They have been listed below:

  • 25 Coins
  • Ancient Manipulator
  • Lunatic Cultist Mask
  • Ancient Cultist Trophy
  • Greater Healing Potion
  • Tablet Fragment
  • Lunatic Cultist Relic

You will also be able to purchase new outfits once this boss is defeated. The Solar Cultist Hood and the Solar Cultist Robe will be available at the Clothier for purchase only during the daytime. Similarly, Lunatic Cultist Robe and Lunatic Cultist Hood will be available at the Clothier for sale at night time only.

#9 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Duke Fisheron

Duke Fisheron is one of the Terraria Hardmode bosses with a max life of 50000 in normal mode, 60000 in expert mode and 76500 in master mode.

This boss is particularly hard to defeat. Although there isn’t any required prerequisite to summon him, you might consider battling other bosses to gain some experience before taking him on. Try to call him when you have some post mechanical bosses gears to make it easier to fight against him. You don’t need to defeat him to progress in the game. However, we highly recommend it as you get some great rewards.

Know-How to Summon And Kill Duke Fisheron Boss in Terraria Hard mode

To summon Duke Fisheron, you need to fish in the Ocean. You will also need to use a specific bait called Truffle Worm. This worm is a little hard to find, but you can get it using a Bug Net, Golden Bug Net or Lavaproof Bug Net once you have one of these nets, head on over to the underground Glowing Mushroom biome and get the worm.

Reel in the line when the fishing rod’s bobber bops to get Duke Fisheron to spawn. He will wait a minute after he emerges and then starts his attack. 

His make his attacks more potent by using debuffs, namely Bleeding and Feral Bite.

However, these are specific only to the Expert and Master mode. You can use a bandage, charm or shield to prevent the debuffs from working.

Duke Fisheron has two stages in the normal mode:

1. In the first stage,  the Duke will lunge at you five times. Then, he will use either of the two projectile attacks:

The Detonating Bubble: the Duke will blow 10-20 bubbles. These bubbles will follow you and inflict the Wet Debuff. You can destroy the bubbles easily using any attack or projectile. You can use the Inferno Potion to create a ring of fire to destroy them. The Duke will move towards the top of the screen when he wants to inflict this attack.

Sharkron: Sharkron summons liquid blobs by waving his fins. These blobs will invoke Sharknadoes, which are gigantic water tornadoes, upon contact. These tornadoes will make multiple fire Sharkrons. These Sharkrons are easy to destroy. Plus, their attack can be delayed by blocks, so you know how to protect yourself from this particularly nasty minion.

2) In this Transformation, Once the Duke’s health falls below 50%, he will transform into his second form. He will become stationary for a bit, so that is your chance to deal massive damage. His skin darkens, and eyes glow. The loss and speed of the Duke also increase considerably. However, his defence decreases to 40. He will only perform three lunges now before firing a projectile.

The Bubbles Strategy: The Detonating Bubbles will now get fired by him when he is flying in quick loops, making them more unpredictable.

Moreover, the Sharkron will only summon one blob. However, the blob causes a Cthulhunado instead of Sharknadoes. These tornadoes are much more significant and gather twice the number of Sharkrons as Sharknadoes. 

In the expert mode, the Duke has a new stage called stage 3.

The third transformation takes place when Duke Fisheron’s health decreases below 15%. When he starts to transform the background become bluish and foggy. Then the Duke will become stationary for a second again. Then, he will become invisible, but his eyes will still glow so you’ll be able to spot him.

His damage decreases while defence falls to 0. He will now be able to only charge directly at you with the additional power of teleportation. His pattern of attack is:

  • The Duke will charge one time and then teleport.
  • He will charge twice and then teleport.
  • Then, he will charge thrice before teleporting.

After this, he will repeat this pattern. The Duke will always appear behind you, so make sure to spot him before he charges at you.

If you start moving too far from the Ocean, Duke Fisheron will become enraged. His defence and damage will be double in that case. He will also become enraged if you move below the surface or move fifty tiles from the map’s top.

But, using Water Walking Boots/ Potions to prevent sinking while battling with Duke Fisheron is a perfect idea. Also, use Shine Potion or Hunter potion if you are fighting him at night as the Cthulhunadoes are hard to spot during the night. 

Once you defeat the Duke, you will get some gold coins, Greater healing potion and Lesser healing potions along with some exotic weapons like Razorblade Typhoon and Tempest Staff.

#10 Terraria Hard Mode Bosses: Moon Lord

The final boss of not only Terraria but also the lunar event is the Moon Lord. It is one of the most challenging bosses to kill in Terraria, and it spawns after the display of the message “Impending doom approaches…”. 

How to Summon Moon Lord in Terraria?

Although, if you shut down the game, the second the message appears, but the moon lord boss will not come for the fight. As long as Moon Lord lives, a piece of special music called Moon Lord will play in Terraria.

Since Moon Lord is so hard to defeat, it would be good for you to know all the details about it. The boss is made up of Moon Lord, 2 Moon Lord’s Hands and Moon Lord’s core. Each hand has a life of 25,000, whereas the eye has a health bar of 45,000 points.

Two methods can summon the Moon Lord. Whichever way you opt for, Moon Lord will spawn so be prepared to fight this boss with all that you have got. The first method is by destroying the fourth lunar pillar.  It would mean that you have defeated all the existing four celestial pillars, i.e. Nebula, Solar, Stardust, and Vortex, and now you are ready for Moon Lord. The other method is by forming a Celestial Sigil and using it to summon Moon Lord.

Moon Lord Attacking Strategy

This boss attacks you in multiple ways. The three eyes of Moon Lord occasionally open and fire Phantasmal Bolt. These provide damage of 60 points. Moreover, every time moon lord opens his eyes after a span of 20-21 seconds; it shoots Phantasmal Deathray.

These death rays will damage the player by 150 health points. The eyes can also form Phantasmal Spheres and Phantasmal Eyes. A tentacle can also arise from the moon lord, which can attach itself to the player. This tentacle will form clots. If you do not kill these clots in time, the leading eye will heal, and all your effort will be put to waste.

Furthermore, the tentacle might also enable the Moon Bite debuff. On top of this, the Moon Lord can also teleport. The hands will also form spheres and fire them at you.

Killing one of the hands or the head will make this boss even more deadly. It will spawn the True Eye of Cthulhu whose attack is tough to avoid. So, the smart strategy that you should apply when trying to defeat the moon lord in Terraria is to damage both the hands equally. Once the sides are significantly damaged, then begin attacking the eyes of this monster.

While battling, always remember that you can attack the eyes only when they are open. It would be best if you try to destroy the eyes first. If you terminate any of the hands, make sure that the health bar of the eye and other side is below 20%. After defeating both the hands and eyes, the core will be exposed and all set to attack. By destroying the heart, you can lead towards the victory.

Rewards After Killing The Moon Lord

By Killing the Moon Lord, you will get incredible rewards that you never want to miss. The list of all awards that you get after defeating the lord is as follows:

  • One coin.
  • Portal Gun.
  • Luminite.
  • Meowmere Minecart.
  • Star Wrath.
  • S.D.M.G.
  • Last Prism.
  • Lunar Flare.
  • Meowmere.
  • Terrarian.
  • Rainbow Crystal Staff.
  • Lunar Portal Stuff.
  • Celebration MK2.
  • Celebration.
  • Greater Healing Potion.
  • Super Healing Potion.
  • Moon Lord Mask.
  • Moon Lord Trophy.

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