Terraria Guide: Your First NPC Guide Of the Game

As you step into the world of Terraria, you will come across the Guide. This Terraria Guide is the first NPC of your town with a health power of 250. He is a unique NPC which is designed to help you to get familiar with the game.

Names of Terraria Guide

A Terraria guide can have any name from the list mentioned below. Each guide with a different name has a different appearance.

Terraria Guide
  • Andrew
  • Asher
  • Bradley
  • Brandon
  • Brett
  • Brian
  • Chris 
  • Cody
  • Cole
  • Colin
  • Connor
  • Cyril
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Dustin
  • Dylan
  • Eva 
  • Fabian
  • Garrett
  • Guide
  • Harley
  • Jack
  • Jacob
  • Jake
  • Jeff
  • Jeffrey
  • Joe
  • Joost
  • Kevin
  • Kyle
  • Levi
  • Logan
  • Luke
  • Marty
  • Maxwell
  • Percival
  • Ricardo
  • Roel
  • Ryan
  • Scott
  • Seth
  • Steve
  • Tanner
  • Trent
  • Vlad
  • Wyatt
  • Zach

Terraria Guide Housing

This NPC is different from all the other NPCs that a player encounters in his entire journey of Terraria as he spawns before a house is even ready to live. But, he will enter the first house that you build or explore. Furthermore, the explored homes can vary from a floating island to a place underground.

However, if the guide dies before a house was ever built or found, he will respawn. However, there is a respawning condition. The guide will respawn only when there will be a suitable house for him to live.
In addition to this, a guide likes living in forests and would dislike a house in the ocean. These Terraria guides also prefer some neighbours more than others. Clothier and Zoologist are two neighbours that guides would love living with.


A guide can protect himself, as he has a wooden bow through which he fires arrows to enemies providing damage of 10 hits with one shot. Additionally, in hard mode, the guide will throw fire arrows which directly helps amateur players.

Besides this, guides suffer no fall damage ever. They can walk off cliffs or go in caves without suffering from any damage at all.


The Terraria guide teaches players new things throughout the game. He provides players with all the crafting recipes available for an item. He tips gamers on almost everything from NPCs to Bosses, and indirectly it makes the players understand the purpose of the game.

Moreover, If you want to unlock Hardmode, then you must kill the NPC guide. You can do this easily by dropping a guide voodoo doll in lava.

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