Terraria Greater Healing Potion

Terraria greater healing potion, it is the potion that gives you buff to restore your health bar in most needed times. Upon consumption, the player’s health bar will be restored with 150 points. If you want to get this healing potion, then there are several ways to get it. Else you can also obtain it from Terraria hard mode bosses. In the console and mobile version of the game, the players can find it inside the golden crates. However, desktop users can’t find it anywhere in the game, except for the hard mode.

Quick Tip:- Usually, the Terraria greater healing potion cool down within just one minute. Nevertheless, if you have a  Philosopher’s Stone or Charm of Myths, then you can take down the healing period to 45 seconds.

The following bosses can drop Greater Healing Potions:

  • Skeletron Prime.
  • The Destroyer.
  • The Twins.
  • Plantera.
  • Golem.
  • Duke Fishron.
  • Biome Mimics.
  • Martian Saucer.
  • Lunatic Cultist.
  • Moon Lord.
  • Ocram.
terraria greater healing potion

Recipe and Ingredients to Brew Potion

To complete the recipe of this potion, you’ll just need three items, i.e., three bottled water, three pixie dust and one crystal shard. After gathering all these ingredients, you just need to place all of them on the alchemy table.

How to Collect Ingredients for Greater Healing Potion?

The process to collect all the required items to brew this potion is straightforward.

  • Initially, you need a bottle, which you can easily craft by using sand blocks in your furnace.
  • The crystal shards are found in Underground Hallow on Pearlstone or Pink Ice Blocks without making any extra effort. Nonetheless, you will need a pickaxe or a drill to harvest them. On the map, you may find them in different shapes and colours.
  • The fairies usually drop pixie dust, and a player can only find and collect it after entering in the hard mode. You can use it to craft several other items, such as Holy water, Holy wings, Holy arrow, etc.

How to Make Terraria Greater Healing Potion?

Once you have all the items in sufficient quantity, take them to your alchemy table. Or place all of them on a flat surface. Now just open the crafting menu and put all the ingredients in it. Through this process, you will be able to make most of the potions while the player remains standing next to the glass bottle.

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