Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

Events are special occasions that occur in Terraria several times. These events are just for a short period but always trigger with unique enemies. These enemies are known as Terraria Event Bosses. The enemies are only present during the event, which reward you with rare items that you can get only by defeating the Terraria Bosses.

While playing the game, you might have experienced that a boss which you have defeated once has appeared again. It happens when an event is repeated in the game. In this article, we’ll elaborate you about each Terra Event Bosses like their names, behaviour, how to summon them and also the rewards they give. Read on to find out all about Terraria event bosses.

List of Terraria Event Bosses

Below is a list of Terraria event bosses and their description:

Terraria Event Bosses: Celestial Pillars

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

The Celestial Pillars are a group of four mini-bosses; Solar Pillar, Vortex Pillar, Nebula Pillar and Stardust Pillar. You can only summon them to fight during the Lunar Events that begin after you defeat the Lunatic Cultist.

These pillars will appear at four distinct locations. Thee pillars themselves will be stationary. They might bob their head every once in a while, but that’s not about it. Its primary strategy is to take control of the area that surrounds it (they can cover approx. 500 tiles) and give birth to enemies. Each pillar will give rise to specific enemies associated with it (we will talk about these in details later).

In the beginning, each celestial pillar comes with a large force shield; the shield prevents them from taking any damage. You need to kill around 100-150 enemies to deactivate the protection. The pillars will continue spawning enemies until you destroy all of them.

Each pillar will drop 12-100 Lunar fragments specific to them.
The pillars have max life of 20000 points, but they are relatively easy to defeat as their attacks have little strength. It is the enemies that they spawn that you need to look out for. These enemies multiply rapidly so if you don’t destroy them at the right time, then they’re inevitably going to surround you and kill you entirely.

Once you destroy all the pillars, the Moon Lord (a Hardmode Boss) will appear.

Now let’s discuss each pillar individually:

Solar Pillar Guide

This pillar is melee themed with minions that deal with a tremendous amount of damage on contact.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

The Solar Pillar tints have a particular area around it with an orangish colour. In the background of the pillar, you will see a gigantic orange planet (not mars) along with a meteor shower.

This pillar is the hardest to take down in this event. It spews highly damaging fireballs. It summons the crawltipede that forces the player to stay on the ground at all times, which makes them more likely to get attacked by minions. You can only destroy this worm by attacking its tail, so keep this fact in mind while combating it.

It also summons The Sroller which rolls towards you at high speeds to cause damage while the Corite flies overhead and attacks you from there. The Selenian is another enemy that uses its two flaming swords to deal with the injury. The worst part is that it can even fly! Be on the lookout for this particular minion when combating with the Solar Pillar.

The Drakomire and the Drakomire rider are two other enemies spawned by the Solar Pillar. Moreover, this pillar is also immune to all debuffs so you can’t even slow it down or poison it!

You can build a sky bridge to escape from the group enemies and attack them from above. But remember not to jump too high or else you’ll attract the crawltipede.

After you destroy the pillar, collect the Solar Fragments it has dropped and use them to build Endgame Melee weapons, namely Daybreak and Solar Eruption.

Vortex Pillar

This pillar is ranger themed with minions that can deal massive damage from a distance. This pillar gives off a tealish hue with many teal planets in the background.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

It also has a shield around it that you should destroy before you can attack it. For this, you need to kill at least 100 spawned enemies.
This pillar will cause a portal to open over the player’s head from time to time. Two Alien Hornets will come out of this portal. However, sometimes a bolt of lightning will also strike the player from the entrance.

This pillar summons Storm Divers that hurl highly damaging projectiles and Alien Queens that fire stingers. The stingers inflict the player with the Distorted debuff.

The Queen will spawn three Alien larvae on destruction. You should try to destroy them before they turn into Alien hornets or even Alien Queens.
The pillar also summons Vortexians that give rise to lightning shooting portals.

Destroy the hornets before destroying the pillar as they tend to be quite a nuisance and will considerably slow you down. Once you take down the pillar, collect the Vortex Fragments dropped by it.

Nebula Pillar

This pillar is designed in mage theme. That has enemies with unique abilities like teleportation, flight, etc. It tints its surrounding pink, and it has a substantial pink planet in the background.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

This pillar is unique in the sense that it doesn’t have any attack, and its spawned enemies are relatively easy to identify because of their pulsing aura. It makes it relatively easy to destroy the pillar.

It summons four enemies; Nebula floater, Brain Suckler, Evolution Beast and Predictor.

The Nebula floater can shoot out highly damaging lasers. It also can teleport around you, which makes it difficult for you to dodge its laser beams.

The Brain Suckler will cling onto you and inflict the Obstructed Debuff which blackens out the screen and temporarily takes away your sight.
The Evolution beast gives rise to projectiles that will chase you around and cause damage quite a few times. The Predictor shoots four shots at once, and all of them yield severe damage!

Upon defeating the pillar, you get Nebula Fragments. Use them to craft Endgame Spells like Nebula Arcanum and Nebula Blaze.

Stardust Pillar

This pillar is summoner themed. It summons enemies that summon minions again. However, the summoned minions will be smaller and weaker as they are already dead.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

This pillar gives off a bluish hue and has a giant sparkly blue planet in the background. Once you take it down, you get Stardust Fragments.
It too has a shield around it for protection. You must destroy at least 100 enemies to bring the guard down in normal mode and destroy 150 minions in the expert mode. Once the shield is down, you can attack the pillar.
The Stardust Pillar spawns Milkyway Weaver, Star Cell, Flow Invader, Twinkle Popper, Twinkle and Stargazer.

In many ways, the Milkyway Weaver is like the crawltipede. It attacks the player when they rise above the ground (so, always stick to the bottom). The only difference is that you must shoot this enemy on its head rather than its tail.

Once you kill the Star Cell, it will give birth to a smaller version of itself. If you don’t destroy the smaller versions, they will grow back into big releases of the Star Cell. It only takes a few seconds so beware!

The flow invader will spawn smaller enemies. They will launch themselves in a projectile manner and attack you.

The Twinkle Popper too will summon a smaller Twinkle that will explode near you to deal massive damage.

The Stargazer doesn’t summon any small enemies. Instead, it chases you and attacks you with its powerful lasers.

Terraria Event Bosses: Martian Saucer

It is a giant flying mini-boss that appears in the Martian Madness event. You need to complete at least 30% of the game to allow Saucer to spawn.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

It is a giant flying mini-boss that appears in the Martian Madness event. You need to complete at least 30% of the game to allow Saucer to spawn.

It has a Max life of 27000 in the normal mode, 54000 in the expert mode and 81000 in the master mode.

Terraria Event Bosses: Martian Saucer Attacking Strategy

The Martian Saucer has four turrets ( 2 rocket Launchers and 2 Laser Machine Guns) that have distinct health meters. You need to destroy all four towers to take it down. You can use the Solar Eruption to deal considerable damage to them.

In addition to the four turrets, the Martian also has a deathray that shoots beams of fire downwards. You can’t destroy the deathray independently. It will get destroyed itself when you kill the Boss. The Saucer has three main attack phases. It will continuously alternate between them and create a cycle in which it will first shoot its death ray, lasers, then homing missiles and finally firebombs.

Attacking Strategy of Martian Saucer

  • It shoots lasers at your location after identifying it. However, if you move during the attack, the lasers won’t follow you.
  • It fires multiple missiles by using its cannons. It would be best if you run away from the Saucer to avoid getting hit by any them.
  • The Saucer will hover over you and fire the deathray. To avoid getting hit, use the Rod of Discord or Hook of Dissonance to teleport away from the Saucer immediately. By using the Wet buff, you can also fly faster than the Saucer itself.

If you’re playing the game in the Expert mode, the Martian Saucer will enter into a second phase after you destroy those four turrets. Its core will become visible, and you will be able to attack it. In this phase, the Saucer will Continuously shoot the deathray until it is destroyed. The deathray causes a lot of damage up to 300/450 so beware of it!

Upon destroying the Martian Saucer, you get more extraordinary healing potions and a Martian Saucer Relic. There’s also a chance of the Saucer dropping some mighty weapons. Moreover, destroying it will complete your Martian Madness Event by 5%.

Terraria Event Bosses: Ice Queen

The Ice Queen is a mini-boss that appears in the Frost Moon Event. She is the most potent enemy of the Frost Moon and can fly, so you need to look out for her!

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

The Ice Queen is a mini-boss that appears in the Frost Moon Event. She is the most potent enemy of the Frost Moon and can fly, so you need to look out for her!

She has a max life of 34000 in the normal mode, 44200 in expert mode and 56355 in the master mode.

The Ice Queen moves really fast and randomly alternates between the following attacks:

  • She will move across the screen while shooting frost waves.
  • The Ice Queen will fly overhead and shoot frost shards. The shards deal 74 damage in normal mode, 148 in expert mode and 222 in master mode.
  • She will become stationary for a while and then start spinning. While she spins, she will shoot out frost shards in every direction.

Ice Queen Battle Strategy in Terraria Event Bosses

As the Ice Queen takes on damage and her health decreases, she will become faster. The rate at which she fires frost shards and frost waves will also increase.

The Ice Queen mainly inflicts two debuffs; the Chilled debuff that slows you down and the Frozen debuff that completely paralyses you for a few seconds. The chilled debuff is imposed when a frost wave or shard hits you while the frost waves may inflict the frozen debuff.

You can drink a warmth potion, use a hand warmer and an ankh shield to fight off the debuffs. Use hoverboards or jetpacks for enhanced speed. The protection will prevent you from getting hit by the Ice Queen’s shards and waves.

You can also use blocks to create a barricade around yourself when the Ice Queen starts spinning as the shards cant penetrates through the blocks. It is also the time when the Ice Queen is vulnerable and stays in one place, which makes it easier for you to attack her. Then, use weapons that can pierce through blocks like the Death Sickle to attack the Ice Queen.

Quick Tip to Defeat Ice Queen

Another great idea to kill her would be to use the piranha gun. It will cling onto the Queen. You can also use this tactic when combating with other fast Terraria Event Bosses.

Once you defeat the Ice Queen, you will get the Ice Queen Relic along with 12 gold coins. You will also get 150 points in the Frost Moon Event.

Dark Mage

Dark Mage appears only in the Old One’s Army event as a mini-boss. It only spawns during the first tier as the last Boss in the fifth wave. It also generates during the other levels but only in the fourth and sixth wave.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

This Boss does not get affected by lava or teleporters. It also has the rare ability to heal other enemies by spreading a specialised magic field.

The dark Mage doesn’t walk or jump, but it floats in the air a bit above the ground. It might attack you by summoning dark energy and pushing it towards you. If you don’t dodge or move from your location then, it can damage you significantly.

Another way by which dark Mage can attack is by reciting a spell that will show Dark Sigil. After this, old one’s skeletons will appear and begin to attack you.

Defeating Dark Mage will provide you with many items. They are:

  • War Table
  • War Table Banner
  • Dragon Egg
  • Gato Egg
  • Dark Mage Mask
  • Dark Mage Trophy

You will not get all these items by defeating one dark Mage. However, you will get some of them.


This hard mode Boss is a giant red dragon that appears during the Old One’s Army event. It spawns in the 7th wave (technically which is the last one) of the game.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

This hard mode Boss is a giant red dragon that appears during the Old One’s Army event. It spawns in the 7th wave (technically which is the last one) of the game.

Betsy has a max life of 50000 in the normal mode, 75000 in expert mode and 95625 in the master mode.

This Boss has four main attack phases:

  • She will fly around you in a loop and then attack.
  • She will fly across the screen horizontally while breathing out fire and also inflict the On Fire! Debuff.
  • It spews multiple small fireballs.
  • It can summon two Etherian Wyverns beside her while causing four others to appear from portals.

Steps to Defeat The Terraria Event Bosses Betsy

You can drink the Obsidian Skin Potion to avoid the debuff. Alternatively, you can also make use of a floating pool of water or honey. But remember that honey considerably slows you down too!

You can use S.D.M.G weapon with Chlorophyte Bullets that will home in on Betsy to take her down. You can also use the gun with Ichor Bullets. They’re highly effective against her dominant defence.

Fighting with Betsy requires you to have other players in your team(or you can say a multiplayer match). You can’t take her down alone.

Once you defeat Betsy, the last wave of the event will be completed, which means that the event will finally end.

Upon defeating her, the Eternia Crystal will become invincible. After a while, it will disappear and leave behind 75 defender medals on its place.


This Hardmode mini Boss appears during the Pumpkin Moon event. It is the most potent enemy of this event and can travel through blocks. You also can’t inflict him with most debuffs as he is immune to most of them.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

The Pumpking has a max life of 22000 in normal mode, 28600 in the expert mode and 36465 in the master mode.

You may have to battle up to 7 of them at once in solo mode, and more than 7 in multiplayer mode. So, always make sure to read its detail carefully to know the fighting strategies of Pumpking.

It has two arms equipped with two giant scythes, one in each arm. These scythes shoot out erratic projectiles. The Pumpking will also move his arms around to deal melee damage on contact. Also, keep in mind that it is pointless to attack the hands as they are invincible.

The Pumpking has three modes of attack. Each time that it changes patterns, it’s head will rotate to show you a different expression. The face appearance will tell you which mode the Pumpking is in currently.

How to Identify the Modes of Pumpking?

#Mode #1

In this mode, the Pumpking will have an evil looking grin, much like traditional jack-o-lanterns. It will follow you all around the screen to deal with melee damage by using its hands. Once it gets into this mode, it will wait for 5 seconds. Then, it will rapidly charge towards your player. It will continue to do this throughout its designated time for this mode.

#Mode #2

In this mode, the Pumpking’s mouth will be slightly open. It uses its scythes to shoot out Flame Scythes which are scythe shaped projectiles. They will fly towards you while spinning and deal considerable damage on contact.

#Mode #3

In this mode, the Pumpking will have a surprised facial expression with its mouth wide open. It will be at some distance from you and spew Greek Fire projectiles. These projectiles are easy to dodge, but they stay on the ground for a bit. If you come into contact with them, they will inflict considerable damage.

Follow the Tips to Defeat Pumpking

You need to defeat the Pumpking by 4:30 am otherwise it will despawn, doesn’t matter how much the health is left. The same will happen if all the players die.
You can use the Flairon to deal severe damage to the Pumpking through its homing bubbles. You can also use the Megashark gun along with Exploding bullets to attack it.

If you have a Razorpine, you should use the Spectre armour and Spectre Mask to quickly and efficiently defeat Pumpking.

Upon defeating it, you will get five gold coins along with some highly powerful weapons. You get more drops as the waves progress so its best to combat the Pumpking during wave 15.

Mourning Wood

A rare boss that appears only during the Pumpkin Moon Event is mourning wood. This mini Boss looks like a living tree. Also, mourning wood is quite similar to Everscream when it comes to behaviour.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

In the initial waves, one mourning wood will spawn at once. However, later on, three or even more up to ten mourning wood will appear simultaneously. Defeating each mourning wood will provide you with an increase of 75 points in the Moon Event.

Mourning wood attacks the player in three ways. He fires flaming spikes which can pass through blocks and hit the player, i.e. you. Moreover, He can also damage you by his touch. He will again fire sparkling flames at you. However, this Greek fire cannot pass through the block and will not move above the ground. Any player that touches it will suffer great damage.

Items Which You Get After Defeating The Mourning Wood

The items that you can get from mourning wood include 30 to 60 spooky wood, spooky twig, scary hook, cursed sapling, necromantic scroll, stake launcher, and 30 to 60 stakes along with stake launcher. You can also get the Mourning Wood Trophy in wave 15 which would look amazing in your collection.


Everscream is a boss that looks like a Christmas tree which has red glowing eyes, and lots of ornaments hung on it. This hard mode Boss appears in the Frost Moon event and is very similar to the Mourning Wood in behaviour. This Boss will appear for the first time during the fourth wave and in every stream after that.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

Attacks of Everscream

Everscream can attack you by throwing lots of pine needles at you. Every pine needle that touches you will reduce your health bar by 86 health point. The throwing of pine needles is quite similar to the mourning wood throwing flaming wood. But, pine needles provide lesser damage comparatively and are also not that precise.

It can also attack you by firing bouncing ornaments which is similar to the greek fire by mourning wood. The decorations provide you with damage of 114. These ornaments can stay in the air for only 5 seconds as gravity pulls them towards the ground and they shatter. You can also be damaged if you come in contact with this Boss. The damage would be of 110.

To dodge the ornaments that evergreen throws at you, try to stay in the air. This way, you can damage the embellishments better. Another tip that you should keep in mind while going against everscream is to avoid small spaces. When fighting against this Boss, you need lots of areas to move and hide because the pine needles that are fired at you can go through blocks.

Rewards After Beating Everscream

Defeating Everscream can provide you with some fantastic loot. Although, you should keep this in mind that you have a better chance of getting things from this Boss in later waves. This list of items that you get in the first wave are as follows:

  • Christmas Tree Sword
  • Christmas Hook
  • Razorpine
  • Festive Wings
  • Everscream Trophy

Terraria Event Boss: Ogre

One of the challenging mode bosses that appear in the Old One’s Army event is Ogre. The Ogre is a large ugly man who looks like a monster that feeds on human beings. It spawns in tier 2 during wave seven as the final Boss. It also breeds in Tier 3 during waves 5 and 6 as a mini-boss.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

One of the challenging mode bosses that appear in the Old One’s Army event is Ogre. The Ogre is a large ugly man who looks like a monster that feeds on human beings. It spawns in tier 2 during wave seven as the final Boss. It also breeds in Tier 3 during waves 5 and 6 as a mini-boss.

The Ogre attacks you through various methods. He might throw a snotball at you or the crystal. In result to the infliction of oozed debuff on the nearest player.

This debuff will slow down the player. Although, you can nullify this debuff by flying or mounting. The Ogre might even jump. When he jumps and lands, a shockwave passes for about ten blocks in every direction. These shockwaves can damage the player much and will also result in knockback.

There is one more way in which the ogre attacks.

It is the most dangerous method, and you should save yourself from it. The Ogre attacks any player in front of it by swinging his club.

You may get the following items by defeating Ogre as rewards/loot:

  • Apprentice’s Scarf.
  • Squire’s Shield.
  • Huntress’s Buckler.
  • Monk’s Belt.
  • Tome of Infinite Wisdom.
  • Phantom Phoenix.
  • Brand of the Inferno.
  • Sleepy Octopod.
  • Ghastly Glaive.
  • Creeper Egg.
  • Ogre Mask.
  • Ogre Trophy.

Flying Dutchman

One of the event bosses that arises during the pirate invasion event is Flying Dutchman. This Boss spawns only in hard mode. This Boss needs an area of 40×40 title space for spawning.

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

The flying dutchman consists of four canons which act as his primary weapons—the canons fire out cannonballs. The flying dutchman can also spawn pirate enemies. The explosives and pirate enemies both attack the players.

Flying Dutchman can provide you with the following items:

  • Coin Gun.
  • Lucky Coin.
  • Discount Card.
  • Pirate Stuff.
  • Gold Ring.
  • Cutlass.

Guide to Defeat Flying Dutchman

To defeat the flying dutchman, you will have to destroy all the four cannons. It is possible to do this by finding a position from where you can easily hit all the four canons, but there would be close to no risk of the cannonballs hitting you.

You can also build yourself a cover and then use Daedalus storm bow. It will cause a rain of arrows which will attack the canons and the new pirates simultaneously.

Due to the existence of the four canons, the flying dutchman is also considered as a four enemy boss. If you move far away from the Boss, it will disappear.


This mini Boss spawns in the Frost Moon Event. It has a max life of 18000 in normal mode, 23400 in expert mode and 29835 in master mode.
Santa-NK1 attacks the player using four different strategies. They have been discussed below:

Terraria Event Bosses: How to Summon and Defeat Them?

Terraria Event Bosses: Santa-NK1 Attacking Strategies

  • It is equipped with a chain gun that fires massive damage causing bullets. The rate at which it fires them increases as its health goes down. It goes from 3.75 rounds per second to 7.5 shots per second as the fight progresses. The bullets can’t pass through blocks, so make sure to hide behind them as soon as Santa starts shooting.
  • It drops huge spiked balls that cause as much as 150 health damage upon contact. The rate of drop also increases as its health depletes. They can cause as much damage as 480 upon getting in touch in master mode.
  • Santa NK1 drops several missiles. The worst things about these missiles are that they can even travel through blocks. The rockets are fired faster when its health falls.
  • It will also blast presents up in the air. They fall via parachutes and cause significant damage if you come in their contact. They blast into the air at a rate id 6.67 per second. However, the blast rate increase as Santa’s health decreases.

How to Defeat Santa-NK1

During the battle, the missile launcher isn’t that accurate, so there is a high chance of you being able to run away from them. You can also make use of wings and make it harder for Santa to make an accurate aim.
When Santa-NK1’s health falls below 50%, its head will come off to reveal a scary-looking skull.

Once you defeat Santa-NK1, you get 100-200 points in the Frost Moon event. You may even get an Elf Melter or Chain Gun if you beat it during the later waves.

These were all the event bosses in Terraria. Knowing all this information about them will help you fight them easily. It will also provide you with a head start since you will see what you are really up against.

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