Terraria Dyes: Customise Weapons & NPCs Anytime

In Terraria universe, at present, there are 113/ 110 / 68 different dyes in the game (112/ 109/ 67 are available in single-player worlds because Team Dye isn’t available in single-player realms). Unfortunately, any dye isn’t available for 3DS version owing to the absence of pixel shaders. These Terraria dyes are effective when you want to change the colour of Terraria armor, hair, and several other cosmetic items. Every gamer knows that dyes are held along with armour or vanity items in their third item slot. Being an unusable item, anyone can swiftly switch out or remove them whenever required. Let’s learn more about them.

How to Buy And Make Terraria Dyes

Either you decide to buy it from a trader or make it through raw materials, the game offers you two ways to have it in your inventory. If you want to purchase, you can get it from the trader after spending 5 gold coins. Else Dye Vat can be used to craft it after using resources. To get it from the trader, players need to summon him by placing a Strange Plant in their inventory.

Terraria Dyes

All the primary ones can be mixed with many others to make a new shade, gradient, and patterned dyes.

How to Create Dyes in Terraria?

As mentioned above, there are 113/ 110/ 68 different dyes in the game; each can be created from their materials.

  • Red – Red Husks
  • Orange – Orange Bloodroot
  • Yellow – Yellow Marigold
  • Lime – Lime Kelp
  • Green – Green Mushroom
  • Teal – Teal Mushroom
  • Cyan – Cyan Husk
  • Sky Blue – Sky Blue Flower
  • Blue – Blue Berries
  • Purple – Purple Mucos
  • Violet – Violet Husk
  • Pink – Pink Prickly Pear
  • Black – Black Ink

How to Craft Basic Terraria Dyes?

To make any basic dye, you’ll need Dye Vat. Ingredients to produce them are easily available by the background objects in the natural world. Otherwise, these will surely drop after defeating special bosses in terraria. You can also easily spot every dye plant on the map. Additionally, it would help if you kept the fact in your mind that basic dyes aren’t visible in complete darkness.

Recipe to Cook Bright Terraria Dyes

One and all bright dyes (except black) are easily designable by blending basic dyes with Silver Dye at Dye Vat. However, these dyes are also not visible in the darkness. Below is a list that can help you during the crafting process.

Gradient Dyes

Gradient Dyes gives fade results between numerous colours. Like all others, these are also not visible in full darkness.

Compound Dye

If you love the creativity with patterns, then all basic dyes, and some “flame” gradient dyes can be put together along with Black, Silver Dye to craft “<Color> and Black Dye” or “<Color> and Silver Dye”.

Strange Dyes

Strange Dyes are part of a trader’s quest. Dye trader gives it to the players in exchange for strange plants. Gamers can only obtain all the Orange or Cyan dyes only in hard mode world. In comparison to bright, Gradient and basic dyes, strange ones have diverse level of visibility.

Lunar Dyes

You can craft this genre by using Lunar Fragments at the station. Among the list, a solar dye is only Lunar Dye that has visibility in darkness.


This all that you should know about Terraria dyes. If you want to create some eye-catchy designs, then you can Yellow, Lime, and Orange Dyes all together to receive Yellow Gradient Dye, or to mix any colour of dye with silver dye for a bright variant. Moreover, dyeing your weapons and armours won’t enhance their abilities. Nevertheless, it will surely give it a cool look.

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