Terraria Boss Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Pre Hardmode Terraria bosses

These are the first kind of bosses that players come across. Defeating these Terraria boss gives you the items and materials that are essential to make some in-game progress and finally reach Hardmode. 

The Pre-Hardmode Terraria Boss category includes seven bosses. Defeating them will help you to improve your skills and tactics to destroy the strongest Terraria bosses of Hardmode. You can make use of the opposite evil seeds sold by the Hardmode Dryad to take down each Terraria boss. 

All Terraria Boss in Pre-Hardmode

The seven bosses of pre-hardmode have been listed below:

#1 King Slime

This is a giant blue slime. It can jump as high as 17 blocks which makes it quite difficult to destroy him. As his health diminishes, he gives birth to the ordinary Blue Slimes. However, if you’re playing the Expert mode, King Slime will give birth to Spiked Slimes.

The King Slime’s max health is 2000 in normal mode, 2800 in expert mode and 3570 in master mode.

How to Summon King Slime?

You can find the Slime King by summoning it using the Slime Crown. The crown is made by using 20 Gels and a Platinum/Gold Crown. Alternatively, you can also spawn the Slime Crown by taking down 150 Slimes in the Slime Rain Event. This method is applicable only for Desktop and Console players. Sometimes, it also appears on the grass in the lateral sixths of the outer side of the map.

How to Kill King Slime in Terraria?

It is quite easy to destroy King Slime. You just need to look out for sudden jumps that it makes. Simply hack away until you defeat it. 

After destroying the King Slime, collect the dropped Gel, Solidifier and Gold Coin. You will need it in the later parts of the game. You may also get a King Slime Mask, Slimy Saddle, Ninja Hood, Ninja Shirt, Ninja Pants, Slime Gun or Slime Hook.

#2 Eye of Cthulhu

This boss has a maximum life of 2800 and can deal up to 15 damage. 

How to Summon Eye of Cthulhu?

This boss is relatively easy to come across as all you need is an early level game advancement to summon him. Alternatively, you can invoke the Eye of Cthulhu using the Suspicious Looking Eye during night time. Craft the eye using lenses in Demon and Crimson Altars.

But, if you have access to three towns NPC’s, one of the players in the world has reached 200 max health with 10+ defence and you still haven’t destroyed the Eye of Cthulhu, there is 1/3 chance of it spawning automatically at night. 

To warn the player regarding the arrival of this monster, the following status message will appear on your screen:

“You feel an evil presence watching you…”

The Eye of Cthulhu will fly over your head and give birth to 3-4 Servants of Cthulhu. Upon their destruction, these servants will drop Hearts and Stars.

How to Kill Eye of Cthulhu

Once you’ve reduced the health of this Terraria boss to 50% ( in standard mode) or 65% (in expert mode), it will transform into a more aggressive form. It will no longer give rise to servants or have any defence, but his attack will considerably increase. What’s worse is that in the Expert Mode, it will have an extra power-up that will allow it to have a rapid chain dash attack. However, you can use fire to kill it quickly and equip the Solar Flare Armor for extra defence.

Keep in mind that if you don’t defeat the Eye of Cthulhu by dawn, it will despawn.

What are the Rewards You Will Get After Killing Terraria Boss Eye of Cthulhu?

Upon defeating this Terraria boss, you will get 5-15 Lesser Healing Potions, 3 gold coins, King Slime Relic, Treasure Bag and Royal Gel. You may even get King Slime Trophy and Royal Delight. In the Corrupt Worlds, you also get the demonite ores. But in the Crimson World, you get crimtane ores, which you can sell to generate additional gold coins.

#3 Eater of Worlds

This is a destructive worm boss. Its max life is 7500 for normal modes and 10500 for expert and master modes. However, the max life is slightly higher in the Desktop version of the game. 

Guide To Summon Eater Of Worlds

This corruption themed boss spawns from inside the Corruption through the destruction of 3 Shadow Orbs. The Shadow orbs also spawn from the Corruption world. You can destroy them by using the hammers.

Alternatively, you can use twenty Vile Powder and fifteen Rotten Chunks to make worm food. Then you can use it to summon the Eater.

The Eater of Worlds Terraria boss is composed of a bunch of segments, 50 segments in all versions except the desktop version, which has 67-72 parts. Each section has a head, multiple bodies and a single tail.

The Steps to Kill Eater of Worlds

When you destroy an inner body segment, it decomposes into smaller worms with individual heads and tails. You must destroy each section of this worm boss to take it down. Keep in mind that it is immune to lava, so you cant use it to deal with the damages to this boss.

You need to defeat this boss to get Shadow Scales to build the Shadow armour set and some Demonite Tools. You also get demonite ores. These are dropped when you destroy segments of the Terraria Boss, Eater. You also get additional quantities of both these items in a larger drop upon the complete destruction of the Eater of Worlds.

Rewards After Killing the Eater of Worlds

Once you defeat the Eater, the Tavernkeep NPC will spawn. You will also get Lesser Healing Potions and eight silver coins.

The Eater tends to fly a lot so a good idea would be to use a Bow and arrows to take him down. You can also use Rocket Boots to prevent yourself from tripping over ledges.

#4 The Brain of Cthulhu

This large flying brain Boss has very little max life; 1000 in normal mode, 1700 in expert mode and 2167 in master mode. However, health is greatly increased with creepers.

Tips to Summon The Brain of Cthulhu

It is a Crimson Themed boss. You can summon it by destroying three Crimson Hearts in Crimson Worlds. Alternatively, you can use a Bloody Spine in a Crimson Biome to spawn this Boss.

The Brain can teleport around you. When you summon the brain, the 20 creepers are also summoned which makes an orbit around it. Once you destroy all the climbers, it will not respawn. They will also drop hearts on destruction.

The Guide to Kill The Brain of Cthulhu

In the first form, the Brain is invulnerable and can’t be defeated. However, once you destroy all the creepers, the Brain will transform into its vulnerable form. Now, you will be able to attack and destroy it. Use the Blade of Grass to quickly destroy the Brain.

You need to defeat this boss to get Tissue Samples which are used to make Crimson armour and Crimtane tools. You will also get Crimtane ores and five gold coins. 

In the expert and master modes, the Brain and Creepers will also inflict various debuffs like Poisoned, Darkness, bleeding, Slow, etc. All of these will cause damage to your player in one way or the other and make it more vulnerable to attack. Moreover, the second form of the Brain will also make illusions of itself to confuse you. But you can spot the real ones in the Mini Map so you can overcome this problem easily.

#5 Queen Bee

This gigantic Bee boss has a max life of 3,400, 4,760 and 6,069 in normal, expert and master mode respectively.

Know-How to Summon the Queen Bee Terraria Boss

First, you have to go to the Beehives that are present in the Underground jungle. Then, destroy the larvae trapped in the walls of the hive to summon the Queen Bee. You can also use an Abeemination in the Jungle Biome to summon her.

You can’t use the Confused debuff on the Queen bee. However, it has the power to inflict the Poisoned debuff on you using the poisonous stingers.

Easy How to guide to Kill Terraria Boss Queen Bee

The Queen bee flies around you, so use arrows to defeat the Terraria Boss Bee Queen. It also stops mid flying from time to time so that will give you a good chance of dealing damage. She can also summon 6,12 or 18 bees while hovering over you.

If you play in the expert mode, the speed and number of the Terraria Boss Queen Bee’s attacks will increase considerably.

Rewards After Defeating the Terraria Boss Queen Bee

Upon defeating this Terraria Boss, the Witch Doctor NPC spawns. You also get five gold coins and bee wax. You can use the bee wax to build Bee armour and a Hornet Staff.

#6 Skeletron

This Pre-Hardmode Boss has a max life of 4400 in the normal mode, 8800 in the expert mode and 11220 in the master mode.

Skeletron: How to Summon the Bone Monster

If you want to access the dungeons, you need to destroy Terraria Boss Skeletron first. Then, you obtain access to all areas of the dungeons. Also, if you have an available vacant house, you can get the Clothier NPC. He will live in an empty house in any town. Additionally, you will get five gold coins upon defeating Skeletron. 

You need to talk to the older man at the entrance of the dungeon during night time. Then, you need to select the Curse option. It will turn the older man into Skeletron. If you speak to him during the day, he will ask you to come back once it is night time. 

You must have a max health of more than 300 and a defence greater than 10 to defeat the older man. Once you destroy Skeletron, the curse will be uplifted. As a result, the old man will not appear.

However, you can summon Skeletron again through the Clothier Voodoo Doll. For this, you will need to kill the dungeon’s Angry Bones or Dark Casters. Then, equip your player with the doll to kill the Clothier. It will make Skeletron respawn. Keep in mind that you must do this only at night or it won’t work.

A Guide You Must Follow to Kill the Skeletron Terraria Boss

This substantial floating skull can travel through blocks. It will try to come into contact with your player to cause damage. Simply kill the head to destroy Skeletron.

Usually, the head will float over your head while its hands will always try to hurt you. Alternatively, the head will spin. If it touches you, your player will lose considerable health. However, the good part is that its defence will also decrease, so it’ll be convenient for you to destroy him. If you don’t kill Skeletron before dawn, it will destroy you quickly.

In the expert mode, the head will shoot homing skull when the health of the head falls below 75 % or one of the Skeletron’s hand is destroyed. It will also inflict damage through the debuff’s Slow and Bleeding.

Useful Items to Use During the Fight with Skeletron

Skeletron is more muscular than most of the Terraria bosses in this category. So prepare yourself by having a Clock, Powerful levitation devices, Ranged weapons, meteor armor, a space gun and Mana restoring potions. All these items will help you defeat Skeletron.

#7 Wall of Flesh

This boss has a max life of 8000 in normal mode, 11200 in expert mode and 14280 in the master mode.

Summon the Terraria Boss Wall of Flesh by Following These Easy Steps

This boss is the most powerful one in the Pre-Hardmode category. It can only be summoned in the Underworld. When the Guide is alive, drop the Guide Vodoo doll into the Underworld’s lava. This Terraria Boss will destroy the Guide and summon the Wall of Flesh Boss. 

Alternatively, if one of the Medium core players who have a Guide Voodoo Doll in his inventory dies by falling into the Underworld’s lava, the Wall will be summoned. The Guide must be alive for this to happen. 

When you defeat Wall of Flesh, the world will change into Hardmode. It will open up a whole new world of challenges and content.

Terraria Boss Wall of Flesh: How to Kill?

To take down this Terraria boss, you need to attack its eyes or mouth. It would be better to attack the eyes as they have less defence. If you attack the other body parts of this monster, it will not cause any damage.

This Terraria Boss is humongous and takes up all the vertical space on the screen. It will sweep in one direction along with the display. You must destroy it before it reaches the other end of the map or else it will simply despawn. 

If you’re within 1800 feet of the Wall when it spawns, you will be hit by the Horrified Debuff which will last until either of you dies. If you try to leave the Underworld during battle or go behind the Wall, you will be hit with the Tongue Debuff. Your best strategy is to stay in front of the Wall and not go too far away from it as it will pull you back and deal with considerable damage. 

The smallmouths of Terraria boss are called the Hungry of the Wall will deal additional damage to the players. They become stronger as the Wall gets weaker until they finally separate from the body and attack the players. You can destroy them using Beenades.

Moreover, the Wall’s eyes shoot lasers that increase in frequency and damage as its health decreases. Along with this, it will also burp leeches that deal great damage. Use your penetrating weapons to defeat them.

List of Rewards You Receive After Killing the Wall of Flesh Terraria Boss

Once you defeat it, the following status message appears as the world transforms into Hardmode :

“The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released.”

Its destruction will also give you a Panhammer, which is a Hardmode hammer. You also get eight gold coins.


Make sure that you have sufficient weapons and have set up the area where the fight is going to take place with Heart lanterns, Stars in Bottles and Bast Statues. Using Garden gnomes and honey pools is also a good idea. Also, be sure to have healing potions with you at all times.

It would also be wise to make use of Lava Waders and Water Walking potions for this boss. All these tips will make it a little easier for you to take down Wall of Flesh. It was all that you need to know about Pre-Hardmode Bosses. Now, open Terraria and start defeating those bosses and unlock the Hardmode Bosses.

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