Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” Is Compared By Keith Urban To “Some Kind Of Acid Trip” By The Musician: In “Absolutely Love It

Keith Urban is a massive fan of Midnights. The country singer praised Swift’s 10th studio album, released on October 21, by telling Billboard that it was “among her finest.” “Both 1989 and this. Beautiful pieces of work. The singer has been a lifelong fan of Taylor Swift.

Since Urban invited the then-country singer to join him on the 2009 Escape Together tour as his opening act, the musicians have become friends and frequent collaborators. Six years later, the “Anti-Hero” singer, who had just revealed her impending Eras tour, returned the favour by inviting Urban to perform with her on stage as part of The 1989 World Tour.

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The singers have also worked together on some songs, including the tracks “That’s When (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)” from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and “Highway Don’t Care” by Tim McGraw and Urban. Urban admitted to the publication that he had played the “amazing” record, which recently made history by taking over the Billboard Top 10, numerous times since it was released.

For a guy like me who is obsessive over tiny details, Jack Antonoff’s production is terrific. The “Blue Ain’t Your Color” singer told Billboard. “I can swim in that album without vocals if you put headphones on. I’m an audiophile. It’s so expertly put together; it looks like a Jackson Pollock artwork or an acid trip. It is just stunning.

From top to bottom, I adore it, Keith Urban said. It’s one of her best albums, in my opinion. The self-described “audiophile” gushed to the magazine that the Midnights’ record is the “ideal example of why you make an album,” praising its production, lyrics, and musicianship.

Additionally, the country music artist disclosed that he contacted Antonoff and Swift to express his admiration for the record. Keith Urban said that the frontman of the Bleachers had responded, but the musician from the Midnights herself had not. To Billboard, he jokingly remarked, “I think she’s a little preoccupied.”

Not just Urban but other musicians have recently expressed their opinions on Midnights. Bruce Springsteen revealed that after picking up his daughter Jessica from the airport, she told him that Taylor Swift’s new album was “bangin'” in a recent interview with SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

They shared the disk and drove home together while listening to it. Springsteen said, “She plays it for me at maximum volume, all the way from Newark to Colts Neck, dancing in her seat, and I said, “That’s what I like to see.” It was satisfying. I liked it. She has incredible talent. She is someone I only vaguely know. I know her producer Jack Antonoff, and she is a fantastic writer. She is just creating excellent recordings.

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