Taylor Swift Jets: How Many Private Jets Does She Own?

You can’t just jump on a commercial aeroplane whenever you want to go on vacation when you’ve reached the heights of fame that singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has. And how does this 30-year-old man get around from nation to country?

The Falcon 900 and the Falcon 50 are two of Taylor Swift’s private jets from Dassault. Taylor most likely opted for a Dassault because the plane’s third engine increases stability during transoceanic flights. Over the past few months, Taylor has been spotted taking the jet back and forth from New York to London, where her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, resides.

Taylor can bask in the glory of her $360 million fortune. Read on to find out if the interior of Swift’s jets lives up to the exterior’s abundance and if they’ve earned their pal’s approval.

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In 2011, Taylor bought a Dassault Falcon 900, her first private plane. It can supposedly sleep 12 people and costs roughly $58 million. A year later, she added a Falcon 50 to her collection, which can carry nine passengers. According to insiders, Taylor’s desire for a private plane dates back to when she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010.

The Nightcrawler star spent $100,000 on a private plane to bring his ex-girlfriend to the United Kingdom to spend a few precious hours together despite their busy schedules. In her Grammy-winning song “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Taylor sings, “flew me to places I’d never visited.”

Last but not least, Taylor got a customized aeroplane, which was a bonus. Swift’s lucky number, 13, is painted on the jet’s nose. She elaborated on the significance of the figure in an interview with MTV, saying:

The plane is distinguished by its unique tail number, N898TS. Taylor’s birth year and her fifth album both share the number 89. However, TS stands for her initials.

The interior of the private plane is just as plush as the exterior. OMI, best known for his smash hit “Cheerleader,” claims that the aircraft is plush and relaxing. On the San Diego stop of her 1989 tour, OMI performed with Taylor. They then rode together to the MTV Video Music Awards, which he also planned to attend. OMI says, “timber finish, leather, the complete works” when describing the cabin’s decor to Newsbeat.

The Seal Of Approval

Taylor’s private jet has been a frequent hangout for Taylor’s prominent friends since 2011. On the 1989 tour, Charli XCX was invited to join Swift after her performance in Toronto. The Boom Clap performer commented,

A few tampons were in the bathroom, and I admit that I used them. Otherwise, everything was personalized. But alas, they weren’t made to order.

Furthermore, Taylor has been seen lending his jet to a friend in need. Ariana Grande returned to the United States from the United Kingdom after the 2017 bombing at the Manchester Arena thanks to Taylor, who reportedly lent one of her jets to the singer. Since it is used frequently by VIPs and is therefore used in high-risk situations, this plane was selected.

The craft likely aids swift’s long-distance relationship with Joe Alwyn. After their trip to Rhode Island, the two were seen on the plane together.

Inside Taylor Swift’s $40 Million Private Jet

Taylor Swift is one of a select few who possess a private aircraft; the Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900 she acquired cost an estimated $40 million. StyleCaster reports that Swift bought the plane in 2011 for $40 million.

Swift’s lucky number is 13, so it makes sense that that’s what’s painted on the plane’s nose. The outside features the aircraft registration number N898TS, with the “TS” for the initials of the company’s founder, Swift. There are 12 comfortable seats inside for Swift’s celebrity girlfriends to ride in style.

Two of Swift’s famous exes have taken flights on her jet. From the Kennedy family estate in Massachusetts, she whisked Conor to her house in Nashville via plane. While the two were dating, Swift paid for Harry Styles’ plane ticket to see him perform at London’s Jingle Bell Ball. Tom Hiddleston and Joe Alwyn, two of Swift’s boyfriends, have been spotted boarding a different private plane than the one with the lucky number 13.

Taylor Swift Singer Used To Have Two Private Jets
Taylor Swift Singer Used To Have Two Private Jets

Taylor Swift Singer Used To Have Two Private Jets

At one point in the past, Taylor Swift was the proud owner of not one but two private aircraft. She bought a Falcon 50 in 2013, one year after purchasing a Falcon 900.

Swift’s father Scott, mother Andrea, Taylor, and brother Austin are all listed as members of the firm SATA, LLC, which Swift used to register the plane in her name.

According to TMZ, Swift sold her second private jet in 2020, and a search of public documents revealed that the sale was finalized on March 16—just days before the start of worldwide lockdowns due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Final Words

Taylor, a multimillionaire, is well beyond her means if she chooses to maintain two private jets. It was just a matter of time until she upgraded her mode of transportation; she’s been travelling the world for almost 15 years. Surprisingly, Taylor Swift’s plane appears in the video “Look What You Made Me Do,” in which she is shown slicing off a wing.

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