Tammy Daybell Cause of Death: Autopsy Shows She Died of Asphyxiation

In the Lori Vallow Daybell trial, the prosecution presented the long-awaited findings of Tammy Daybell’s autopsy. Asphyxiation was shown to be the cause of her death, not a heart attack as was originally thought. The results of the autopsy were disclosed in the opening statements of the trial on Monday morning by Fremont County Prosecutor Lindsey A. Blake.

Tammy had been wed to Chad Daybell for 28 years when she is said to have passed away peacefully. Before her untimely death, her friends said that she was in good health and was preparing for a marathon. On October 19, 2019, deputies from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office responded and discovered Tammy deceased in the Salem, Idaho, house.

Tammy Daybell Cause of Death: Autopsy Shows She Died of Asphyxiation

Tammy was buried three days after her death without an autopsy being conducted. Mandy Fowler, a friend, and coworker, as well as other sources, told KSL TV that Chad Daybell declined to have his wife’s autopsy done. They voiced worries regarding Tammy Daybell’s burial, which they believed was hastened.

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The children of Chad Daybell, however, claimed to CBS News that Chad Daybell didn’t object to the autopsy; rather, they did. She was also reportedly in poor health, according to them. On October 22, 2019, her funeral service took place in Springville, Utah. Little over two weeks later, on November 5, 2019, Chad Daybell wed Lori Vallow.

Investigators deemed Tammy’s death suspicious by December 2019. Her death was later thought to be mysterious, and on December 11, 2019, her remains were excavated. Less than two months following her passing, an autopsy was carried out.

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The findings of that autopsy, which had been used as part of the investigation up to this point, had never been made public. Afterward, her spouse was accused of killing her, to which he has pled not guilty. Vallow Daybell has also entered a not-guilty plea to the charge that she conspired to kill Tammy Daybell.

The trial of Lori Vallow Daybell’s opening statements

Blake outlined how Tammy Daybell encountered a masked man brandishing a gun in front of her in October 2019. Blake claims that Vallow Daybell called an “unnamed guy” on the same day and told him “he can’t do anything properly.”

Chad Daybell is another name for Vallow Daybell. Alex Cox was present when Tammy Daybell was challenged by a shooter. Blake stated that Chad Daybell was the lone local that Alex Cox knew.


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