Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 2: Coming Out In August 2022?

The South Korean television drama series Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2, also written by Han Woo-ri, premiered on March 31st, 2019. The premiere was on October 7, 2020, and the series concluded on December 3, 2020. Wednesdays and Thursdays were its regular airing times on the South Korean network tvN.

The show was very well received by both fans and critics alike. This is why it debuted simultaneously on Netflix, weTv, and Viki. There will be two spin-offs, The Untold Story of The Tale of the Nine-Tailed, released on December 2, 2020, and December 3, 2020, for this fantasy series, for a total of sixteen episodes with a running time of between 65 and 70 minutes.

Regarding the show’s general acclaim, we may mention that it has an 8.0 rating out of 10 on IMDb. It’s not hard to consider the show’s enduring appeal and widespread adoration. Followers of “Tale of the Nine-Tailed Cat” are currently waiting for the sequel. The second season of Tale of the Nine-Tailed is sure to be incredible, and in this post, we’ll fill you in on all the newest details.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Plot

According to allkpop, Season 2 of Tale of the Nine-Tailed would provide viewers greater insight into Lee Rang’s backstory while also shedding light on the mysterious guardian deity Ryu Hong Joo. In 1938, the legendary nine-tailed fox Lee Yeon will embark on a brand new season of adventures.

According to Indian Express, the show’s original director, Kang Shin Hyo, and original playwright, Han Woo Ri, will reunite for this new installment. The first season premiered in 2020 and followed Lee Yeon as he searched for the second coming of his first love, Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah). In a past existence, the woman was possessed by the Imoogi (a demon), and Lee Yeon was compelled to kill her.

He experienced happiness when the two of them reunited after some time apart. But in Season 2 of Tale of the Nine-Tailed, he’ll be sent back to 1938 and have to figure out how to get back home on his own. I’m excited to tackle Tale of the Nine-Tailed again,” Lee Dong Wook said. We had a wonderful crew and fantastic actors, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Cast

According to reports, Kim So Yeon (Penthouse) will be joining actors Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum as the main characters in the upcoming second season of “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” portraying the role of an “unparalleled beauty” Ryu Hong Joo who owns Myoyeongak, one of the best diners in Gyeongseong.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Cast
Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Cast

Ryu Hong Joo is said to be the owner of Myoyeongak. Along with Lee Yeon, she was one of the four principal mountain gods that oversaw the Korean Peninsula (Lee Dong Wook). Ryu Kyung Soo (Hellbound), who will play the part of an unmatched doctor named Cheon Moo Young who is even capable of raising the dead, is another new cast member coming in addition to Kim Seo Yeon.

“I’m looking forward to entering the fascinating world,” Ryu Kyung Soo said. Since Cheon Moo Young is a very three-dimensional figure, I believe it to be a challenging yet important task. I’ll work hard to produce quality results. In the upcoming season, the male leads Lee Dong-Wook and Kim Bum will reprise their roles as Lee Yeon and Lee Rang, respectively.

“I’m really delighted to work together [on the drama] after Season 1, which I poured a lot of love into,” said Kim Bum. Please look forward to Yi Rang and the upcoming “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938.” It features Kim Jung-nan, Hwang Hee, and Kim Soo-jin in supporting parts. A few examples include Kim Yong-Ji, Ahn Gil-Kang, Lee Tae-Ri, and Jung Si-Yul.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date

Due to the recent cancellation of the show, there is currently no news regarding season 2. Nonetheless, there are other moments where it was hinted that there would be a season 2, and in an interview, the Director of Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox asked questions about season 2.

He said it was overwhelming to see how much support the series received. And season 2 hasn’t even been mentioned yet! But he didn’t reject it either, stating, “Nine-tailed fox is a series that can continue farther if possible.” The audience interpreted it as a hint to a possible second season.

The return date for Season 2 of Tale of the Nine-Tails has not yet been determined. We know there will be a new season because of the fans’ and netizens’ theories and speculation. Stay tuned for further developments in the dramatic nine-tailed fox, till then!

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Trailer

Currently, development on Season 2 of The Tale of the Nine-Tailed is ongoing. No information about a Season 2 trailer for The Tale of the Nine-Tails has been released. When we have more specific data, we will share it with you. The first season of The Tale of the Nine-Tailed is available for preview online, so you may use that to make educated guesses about what will happen in the second season.

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