Sweet Tooth Season 2: Netflix Has Renewed The Show For A Second Season!

When it comes to comic book adaptations, Netflix has the best shows in its diverse library. On June 2nd Sweet Tooth’s all episodes were released, and the show was an immediate hit among the subscribers. After the overwhelming response, it is no wonder that Netflix has confirmed Sweet Tooth Season 2. But now the million-dollar question is when the second season release will? And will it consist of the same cast members?

Let’s dive right into all the updates about the second installment of Sweet Tooth!

Sweet Tooth Season 2 will most likely release in 2022. Similar to other Netflix shows, Sweet Tooth also brings out the best of child actors.

The show has Gus (Christian Convery) in the lead, mysteriously half deer and half-human. One day he discovers a post-apocalyptic world, and when he finds out that there are more hybrid children like him, the boy decides to stay in that catastrophic place forever. The later episodes revolve around his adventures. But what will happen in Sweet Tooth 2?

Most likely, the major cliffhanger will make the plot of the second season. It will be quite intriguing to see Gus and his fellow species trying their best to survive in their own mysterious ways!

Below you’ll find everything summed up from the sequel’s release date to its possible storylines.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Release Date

In July came the good news about the second season of Sweet Tooth. The show did exceptionally well in its first month and broke the records with 60 million viewership! Only three English shows have achieved this milestone, and Sweet Tooth is one of them!

Unfortunately, Netflix did not announce any specific release date for Sweet Tooth 2. But we are expecting that the show will follow the same pattern of the first season and premiere in June of 2022. But these are our assumptions: the release date of the sequel depends solely on which production phase it is in.

Sweet Tooth Season 2


The plot of Sweet Tooth 2 will follow the events of its preceding season. This, in turn, means that the same cast will reprise their old roles. However, depending on the story development, there might be a few more additions to the cast, which we’ll know once Netflix announces the official line-up for the sequel!

For now, expect the following cast members in the second season:

  • Nonso Anozie as Tommy Jepperd

He is a traveler who protects Gus from perpetrators. He is also referred to as the “big man.”

  • Christian Convery as Gus

He is the main protagonist of the show. Gus is a naive 10-year old whose only goal in life is to find his mother. Due to his weird obsession with candles, Tommy calls him “Sweet Tooth.”

  • Adeel Akhtar as Dr. Aditya Singh

He wants to find the cure for an unusual disease that led to an apocalypse.

  • Stefania LaVie Owen as Bear

Bear is the leader of the army, which protects the rare hybrid breeds.

  • Dania Ramirez as Aimee Eden

She once used to be a therapist, but now she works very hard to make the world a safe place for hybrids.

  • Aliza Vellani as Rani Singh

She is the “sick” wife of Dr. Aditya Singh. Rani is infected with the H5G9 virus, and her husband works very hard to find a cure for her.

  • Will Forte as Pubba

He is Gus’ father, and he is expected to return in Sweet Tooth 2 only in some flashback scenes.

Other important actors include; Sarah Peirse as Dr. Gladys Bell, Neil Sandilands as General Abbot, and Naledi Murray as Wendy. In season 1, we saw Amy Seimetz as Birdie, but she was just a guest actor. So if the writers keep up with this trend, then expect more guest appearances in the sequel!


Even though the show comes under the genre of fiction, the plot isn’t that unfamiliar. Similar to Covid-19, there is a virus outbreak globally (that the story is set in), and it wipes off half the population!

This pandemic also leads to an unusual breed of half-human and half dear children. And normal beings consider it a sport to kill these breeds. It is hard to predict the plot of Sweet Tooth 2. Why? Because even though the show is based on comics, it doesn’t follow the events closely.

The first season’s finale showed that kids like Gus were captured so that the scientists could experiment on them to come up with a new vaccine. In the comic, Tommy forms a gang to rescue these kids. So, expect the base plot to be something like this. But there will be slight changes which we can’t predict as the writers have not disclosed anything yet.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Trailer

Other than the renewal news, we don’t have any footage for Sweet Tooth. But the trailers are expected to drop in early 2022!

If you enjoyed Sweet Tooth, then we are sure that you’ll love watching The Umbrella Academy or The Stranger Things. Both shows are available on Netflix and almost have a similar plot! Until the sequel’s release, you can binge-watch these masterpieces.

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