Sumner Stroh Net Worth, Boyfriend And Family

Now, in addition to his fame as a TikTok star and Instagram influencer, model, and up-and-coming YouTuber, Sumner Stroh is a household name on all of these platforms. She has almost 5,000 followers to her self-titled YouTube channel, where she shares travel vlogs, birthday films, clothing videos, and modeling videos.

She has 239K followers on Instagram (@sumnerstroh) thanks to her popularity among users for posting bikini photos, and she has 290.7K followers and 1.7M likes on TikTok.
She also has 5.65K followers on her self-titled channel, where she has uploaded roughly 17 videos documenting her birthday, travels, and attempts to find the perfect swimsuit. She maintains a sizable online presence across platforms, with 890 followers on Twitter and 1,919 likes on Facebook, but a more modest 129 connections on LinkedIn.

Sumner Stroh Biography

On August 10, 1999, in New Braunfels, Texas (USA), the United States-born Sumner She at the moment resides in Austin, Texas, USA. Sumner Stroh is a senior at The University of Texas at Austin, where he studies advertisement and business. Every six to twelve weeks, she has a new lip color applied.

Sumner Stroh Family

In addition to his older sister, Baylen Stroh, Sumner also has two younger brothers, Brandon and Asher. She has published a few photos of herself with her parents on social media but has been cagey about the details of her personal life.

Her mom, Tracey Ann Stroh, has an Instagram account, but it’s set to private. Her mother is presumably her identical sister. Sumner Stroh, who was very close to her grandmother, passed away in December of 2018. Her family has several pets, including canines named Major and Pixie, and Stark, as well as a cat.

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Sumner Stroh Boyfriend

Since the 12th of February, 2020, Sumner has been in a perfect, beautiful, romantic, princess-and-prince-like relationship with Brad Luzietti (@bradluzietti). Video clips of Sumner Stroh and her Boyfriend may be found on her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. As of March of 2021, they’ve both returned from a trip to the Show Me State of Missouri.

Sumner Stroh Net Worth

Jobs On The Web

Since December of this year, she has been the marketing manager at Strung by Stroh, her sister’s jewelry shop. She has done internships at Bumble (as their media manager) and Boohoo Group PLC (Digital Influencer). Sumner Stroh has accumulated over 5.65K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube account, where she has posted over 17 videos on her birthday, travels, and attempts to wear various articles of clothing and bikinis.

Her video “Los Angeles vlog,” which she uploaded on July 28, 2020, has garnered 329K views, making it her most successful video to date. 290,7K people follow her on TikTok, and her videos have 1.7M likes. On June 25, 2020, she published her first video, which quickly gained over 12,000 likes and 150,000 views.

She also enjoys considerable notoriety on Instagram, where she has racked up over 239 thousand followers. As a model, she’s worked with companies like SAVAGE X FENTY BY RIHANNA, Parade, POUTINE Los Angeles, etc. Just recently, Stroh completed a modeling project in CABO with the help of @kirapetilli and @NimarohCreative. Her Instagram post in support of Breast Cancer Research by BCNF (The Breast Cancer Research Foundation) has helped to raise money for that cause. Sumner Stroh’s best friend, Juliana Leigh, is someone he’s known for four years now.

Net Worth

The sum of money Summers has amassed is almost $600,000. (as of 2021). Her career in modeling and endorsements provides for her financial needs. Strung by Stroh, her sister’s internet jewelry company is another source of income for her.

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