Stranger Things Season 4 – Does Steve Die? Is Joe Keery Leaving Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Season 4 is not coming out any time before 2022. But the showrunners have been clever enough to drop the teasers every now and then to keep the hype alive. One such teaser which dropped a few days ago caused the entire fandom to go feral. The drought of Stranger Things’ content has lasted for a long time now hence whenever the enthusiastic fans get a teaser they can’t help but analyze the short teasers that they are blessed with. In the latest teaser some keen fans noticed an unusual detail. What is it? You’ll read about it in detail below!

Before we begin breaking down the teaser for you it will be better if you have watched the teaser. In case, you haven’t streamed the clip yet you can watch it on Netflix’s official account on Youtube. 

So let’s get the ball rolling!

Will Steve Harrington die in Stranger Things Season 4?

The showrunners or Netflix have not confirmed this news yet. So, it can be a rumor or a misunderstanding. But how did the fans get this idea? It is discussed below!

The latest teaser showed all the characters in a very tense environment. This implies that the 4th season is going to be a tough one for all of them! In the past too the creators have not hesitated in killing off main protagonists, Billy is one such example. So, yes it is possible that the writers might have planned to kill Steve in the upcoming season.

The teaser showed Steve underwater with a torch and the setting was very gloomy. Although he was not shown properly dead, this might be hinting at his dark fate. We got just a glimpse of his character; in one shot he was seen with his dear group “Scoop Troops” but in the next shot everyone disappeared and he was seen all alone underwater.

Now this can have 2 meanings!

Either Steve is destined to die in the upcoming installment or certain events happen, due to which he is left all alone stranded under the water. One strange possibility can be that all other members of the Scoop Troops (Dustin, Max, Robin, and Nancy) have been killed off. We’ll have to wait till the 4th season premieres in 2021 because we are sure that the Duffer Brothers won’t reveal any part of the plot before its release.

But nothing to worry about because we might be over analyzing the clips and the instant in which Steve was shown underwater can have some different context attached to it. So all that we have to do is to remain patient!

Is Joe Keery leaving Stranger Things? 

Up till now Netflix has not confirmed this news. Moreover we don’t even know whether there will be more seasons after Stranger Things Season 4. The actor himself has not cleared the air around this news so there is nothing to worry about!

Rest assured, if Netflix announces anything regarding this topic we’ll update this site at the soonest. So, stay tuned! 

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