Storybots Season 4: Will There Be A 4th Season? Read All About It Here

Storybots began its journey from YouTube and it did not take much time for the 3D characters to gain fame. One of their episodes has more than 10 million views! In 2016 Netflix noticed this and got the showrunners to sign a contract with them. This contract gave Netflix the rights to the series; to air the episodes on its streaming site. And with three seasons and one spin-off show under its belt, the franchise is not slowing down any time soon. Because Storybots Season 4 is reportedly under its production phase. But is this news credible? If so, when will Storybots Season 4 release? 

The American series is designed for kids especially in the 2-8 age group. It is an educational show which teaches young kids about basic things in the most interesting way. As it is kid-friendly and offers educational content the show became top-ranked in Netflix (for kids). Storybots has a spin-off StoryBots Super Songs, and a holiday special, A StoryBots Christmas; you can judge from this, how much parents and kids love this series.

Storybot is co-created by Evan Spiridellis and Gregg Spiridellis and has won multiple awards. In case you are worried about your kids who watch YouTube, Storybots on Netflix is the best show for them! The different color themes won’t only keep your child distracted but it will also build their intellectual level. And you won’t have to worry about the kind of content they are being exposed to.

However, now that the third season has been released viewers are concerned whether Netflix will renew the series for a 4th installment. Well, yes there are chances, let’s analyze them below!

Storybots Season 4 Release Date

The third season of Storybots premiered in 2019 and since then there has been no news about the 4th season. But this silence does not mean that the show is canceled. Why? Because the current pandemic situation has put a lot of production of shows on halt. So, hopefully, it is the same problem for the production studio of Storybots.

And nothing to fret about as previously too there has been a considerable gap between 2 seasons. So, if everything works out then expect the Storybots Season 4 to release in 2022 or even 2023. It depends on when the production of the show will begin. And usually, the seasons don’t contain a lot of episodes so it won’t take that long. 

Storybots Season 4 Cast

As the show is an animated series, it contains voice actors. And the main protagonists will be back for a 4th season so you can also expect the same voices. The list below contains the names of potential voice actors:

  • Judy Greer as the main protagonist, Beep.
  • Erin Fitzgerald as Bo
  • Fred Tatasciore as Bang
  • Jeff Gill as Bing
  • Gregg Spiridellis as Boop
  • Evan Spiridellis as Hap (the manager)

Previously in the show, many high-profile celebrities have made guest appearances. And if the 4th season continues with the same pattern then there will be more guest appearances. But we can’t predict them for now as Netflix usually keeps this kind of information confidential. 


The main storyline of the show focuses on a group of curious creatures and since they narrate a lot of theories they are called “Storybots”. The quintet consists of; Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang, and Bo.

If Storybots Season 4 makes the final cut then expect the plot to revolve around the same characters but of course with new exciting adventures. Nothing definite can be said about the storyline of the 4th season because Netflix has not disclosed the official plot synopsis for it yet. 

But the group will be seen answering different general knowledge questions with a few plot twists, which are not easy to predict. As it solely depends on the writers.

Storybots Season 4 Trailer

Netflix has not greenlit Storybots Season 4 yet so there is no footage for it either. But the trailer is expected to release 3 to 4 months prior to the official premiere of the 4th season. And hopefully, we won’t have to wait for long!

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