Steve Harwell Cause of De@th: He Dies at 41 After Battling Health Problems

According to Robert Hayes, the manager of Smash Mouth, the band’s lead singer Steve Harwell has passed dead. He was 56.

Popular songs by the artist that brought him fame included “All Star” and “I’m a Believer.”

TMZ had previously reported that Harwell was getting treatment for his liver, so this revelation comes as no surprise. Friends and family of the musician gathered in his final days, and he was eventually transferred to hospice care at home.

Harwell died at his home in Boise, Idaho, with his family by his side.

Steve Harwell Cause of De@th

Hayes claims that Harwell’s liver failure was the cause of his de@th.

Since Steve’s retirement from Smash Mouth two years ago, the band has been touring with new vocalist Zach Goode, as stated by Hayes.

That being said, Steve’s musical legacy will endure. Together with Steve, Smash Mouth has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, achieved two number-one singles, five Top 40 singles, three Hot 100 singles, four Billboard 200 albums, and a Grammy nomination; their music has also been featured in countless movies and TV shows, most notably the Shrek films.

Steve’s legendary voice is one of the most instantly recognizable in history. He was a performer who cherished his audience. American original Steve Harwell was one of a kind.

A huge personality who exploded into the stratosphere like a Roman torch. Steve’s dedication to his music and his burning desire to become famous will forever be remembered.

Steve Harwell Dies at 41 After Battling Health Problems

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During a live concert with the band two years before his de@th, Harwell seemed bewildered.

Shortly thereafter, he announced his retirement to TMZ in order to prioritize his health.

“Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of being a Rockstar performing in front of sold-out arenas and have been so fortunate to live out that dream,” he told TMZ in a statement.

“To my bandmates, it’s been an honor performing with you all these years and I can’t think of anyone else I would have rather gone on this wild journey with.”

Harwell had a number of health problems and also battled substance misuse.

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