Startup Season 4 isn’t Coming this July

The crime thriller series, called StartUp, has become popular among Netflix subscribers. Adding it on Netflix appears to be a good decision. Here, we will be discussing all the latest updates about Startup Season 4.

The startUp is a TV drama series that originated in the United States. 

Ben Ketai is the creator of the series. Frances Lausell, Adam Brody, Ron Pearlman, Edi Gathegi, and Josh Corbin are the show StartUp.

The series came in front of the audience on 6th September 2016 and came to an end on 1st November 2018.

The show has completed three seasons along with 30 episodes successfully. Now, it is back with its new installment as Startup Season 4.

Startup Season 4 follows the disclosure of Gencoin, a dazzling but controversial idea related to digital currency. Unfortunately, this plan gets on the opposite side due to three foreigners.

What Is The Release Date Of The Show Startup Season 4?

The series premiered in 2016 and has completed its three seasons. Fans are eagerly waiting for Season 4 now. We can confidently say that the series is neither canceled nor renewed for a new season.

It is one of the bad news for the fans, but on the other hand, it is also a good one. The bad news is that we need to wait for a prolonged period to watch a new season if it got released. However, the availability of the series on Netflix is the good news on the other side.

Startup Season 4

Netflix will keep an eye on the series about the popularity of the show. This step could help the makers to launch the new season soon. It is even possible that Netflix may have a deal for the show in the future. Therefore, we can hope that the show’s popularity could bring the series back on track with the help of Netflix. If this happens, we could StartUp Season 4 in 2022 or 2023, which could be the earliest time for the series’ renewal.

What Is The Expected Plot Of The Series Startup Season 4?

In the last season, Araknet reaches 100 million users, due to which Talman and the company will acquire series B funding from Saginaw Partners. But, they soon lose 60 million users due to a virus that came into existence because of Rebecca. However, Izzy manages to stop it. Most of the dispute resolves when Saginaw asks for fresh blood to retrieve from a news scandal. This incident is the cause of the agreement of partnership with Araknet. Special thanks to Mara and Ronald, who handled a convincing meeting. 

At the end of the season, Rebecca gets spontaneously killed by Nick, relieving them of a threat. The new season will start with Nick, Ronald, and Izzy, who will renew their bond as conspirators. However, they will also look after their interests individually as the environment around them warms up. Mara will be the new narrative wildcard probably. She has intentions to make a big move involving her father Wes instead of Nick.

Who Is Going To Be A Part Of Startup Season 4?

The cast of the StartUp works very well together, and each one is capable of bringing life to their character. Some of the actors/actresses doing very well in the show are:

  • Martin Freeman playing the role of Phil Rask
  • Adam Brody playing the role of Nick Talman
  • Edi Gathegi playing the role of Ronald Dacey
  • Otmar Marrero playing the role of Izzy Morales 
  • Addison Timlin playing the role of Mara Chandler
  • Ron Pearlman playing the role of Wes Chandler
  • Wayne Knight playing the role of Benny Blush
  • Mira Sorvino playing the role of Rebecca Stroud

There is no official announcement regarding the character that will return if the series got renewed. But we can hope for these permanent characters to be present in the next season too. The series will not be able to create that magic in the absence of these characters.

What About The Trailer Of The Show Startup Season 4?

The expectations of the arrival of the new season are higher right now, especially after getting available on Netflix. The trailer will set the stage on fire. But we don’t have any information regarding it. These are the early days for the movement to restore the series. So it would be a wise decision to wait for it patiently. Until then, enjoy the previous seasons.

FAQ Related To Startup Season 4:

Is Maddie dead or alive in StartUp?

Phil keeps Maddie, who has blood all over her body, in his bathtub. Daewon wanted her to be dead, but Phil sends him away at gunpoint. Phil tries to choke her to keep her mouth shut, but Maddie fights back. Despite fighting, Phil ends up killing her. 

Does Izzy lose the Gencoin?

In the last episode, legal evidence of rejection from Gencoin is shown to Izzy. However, she gets to know that there is no way that she could fight a legal battle. 

Who killed Izzy’s sister?

Izzy’s story crosses closely with Phil’s in the next half of the season. But at the beginning of Season 2, we saw Izzy attending the funeral of her sister. Her sister’s name was Delphia, who gets killed by a Russian gangster probably at the request of Vera.


With an IMDb rating of 8 out of 10, the series has made many fans. People are in love with it even more after getting added to Netflix. 

The audience is eagerly waiting for the next season now. First, however, we need to wait for the announcement. Until then, keep watching StartUp!

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