Starbucks Stanley Cup Release Date: Update, Where to Buy, and All You Need to Know

Again, not the hockey one, but Starbucks’ Stanley Cup, caught our attention immediately, and we thought it was stunning. Its pastel pink and teal color scheme made it the must-have summer tumbler. There was just one issue: Thailand is the only country where it is sold.

Recent speculations, however, claim that the Starbucks-Stanley partnership will start selling in American retailers on May 9, 2023. (Perfect timing for the NHL playoffs. Also, Mother’s Day. Additionally, the Starbucks summer menu.)

Although the Starbucks staff has not officially confirmed this, here is what we know. If you’re impatient to get the collaboration, you can also get the Thai version or a pink Stanley 1913 tumbler from this website.

Starbucks Stanley Cup Release Date: Update, Where to Buy, and All You Need to Know

What’s a Stanley Tumbler?

Stanely tumblers are vacuum-insulated bottles that, according to their advertising, can keep hot beverages heated for 7 hours, cold drinks for 11 hours, and ice frozen for two days. The 40 oz Adventure Quencher, offered in over a dozen colors, gained popularity on TikTok. They are, however, essentially a new Hydroflask.

You can also see the most recent news below:

What Will the Starbucks Stanley Cups Look Like? And How Much Will They Cost? On TikTok, a (now ex-) Starbucks barista claimed that the good news is that a Stanley Cup Tumbler will be delivered to this country, in contrast to all those lovely animal glasses and tumblers that never manage to cross the seas.

The 40 oz. Stanley tumbler with a handle is now only available in pastel peach, which is horrible news. Yawn. It will also cost $44.95, at least $20 less than eBay and Etsy dealers charge for the Thailand versions. Treasures of Snow, a retailer of Starbucks cups, claims that a matte orchid variation might exist.

Additionally, you can view the most recent news below:

Where Can You Get the Tumblers?

The tumbler is expected to be released on May 9. However, despite what Gym Cookie below claims, they will also be sold at Kroger, according to a remark made on the video by another Starbucks barista who works there.


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