Star Of The Crown Lesley Manville Play Cast As Queen Elizabeth II Role

Lesley Manville has acknowledged that she had anticipated being handed the Queen Elizabeth II part in The Crown. The Netflix drama, which returns for a fifth season next week, has added the most recent performer to play Princess Margaret: the actor from Sherwood and Phantom Thread.

Helena Bonham Carter and Vanessa Kirby are replaced in the role by Lesley Manville. She thought, however, that she was first in line to portray the Queen before Imelda Staunton was cast when she learned that showrunner Peter Morgan wanted to meet with her.

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Can you go to Peter Morgan’s house on Monday? Lesley Manville told The Times, adding, “That’s how it occurred for me, and I suppose it happened for Imelda. I’ve never considered myself to be a Margaret. The Queen, the Queen! That was my first thought.

My agent said, ‘He wants to talk to you about playing Margaret,’ she added. I paused and wondered, “Wait for a second, Margaret? I am unable to do Margaret. Lesley Manville reasoned that this was because she does not consider herself “glamorous.”

When Vanessa portrayed Margaret, “I viewed Margaret as youthful and attractive,” and when Helena did, “I saw Margaret as glamorous and still quite young, but a bit older.” The performer claimed she has “trouble with her self-image” since she cannot perceive herself the same way as her foremothers.

Despite this, Lesley Manville claimed she was “very delighted” to have been given the post.
Along with Staunton, Jonathan Pryce (Prince Phillip), Dominic West (Prince Charles), Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana), and Jonny Lee Miller, the actor joins the cast of the movie (John Major). Netflix will start streaming The Crown season five on Wednesday (9 November).

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