Squatty Potty Net Worth: Did the Throne Make Millions?

Judy and Bobby Edwards thought of the idea for the Squatty Potty. They used their second time on the TV show “Shark Tank” in 2014 to get the money they needed to start and grow their business. The Squatty Potty became one of the show’s biggest successes.

Squatty Potty makes a lot of money. Here is their story and how they make money.

Squatty Potty Net Worth

Squatty Potty Net Worth

Medical experts say that squatting helps you go to the bathroom faster and better, which is good for your stomach and intestines.

The company makes the Squatty Potty stool, which helps you squat. They sell it in America, Europe, and 20 other countries. It’s very popular and has made over $175 million in sales. The founder of the company is now worth about $50 million.

The brand became famous because of a funny commercial. The ad showed a character called “Dookie the Unicorn” who had trouble making his “Rainbow Soft Serve” in the bathroom. Hundreds of millions of people watched the ad.

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How does Squatty Potty work?

The Squatty Potty might look like a fun gadget, but it helps with health.

Studies show that squatting can help people poop better and fix problems like constipation.

A mother and her son thought the best way to get their product noticed was by going on Shark Tank.

When they went on the show, they had already patented their product and were selling it online. They wanted the Sharks to help them get their product in stores, get medical approvals, and follow FDA rules.

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